Sunday 21 October 2012

Challenge Accepted

The challenge set was that my Mum and I would both choose a piece of patterned paper that we'd purchased long ago and coveted and loved....and forgotten about and never used.  The background sheet here is m piece of paper.  It's by Basic Grey from their Urban Couture line which I'm sure disappeared some time ago and while thought (and still think) this paper is beautiful, it doesn't lend itself to my way of scrapbooking.

And so it never got used.  I hauled it out a couple of weeks ago when Mum and I set the challenge and got to work.  

In the end, I decided to let the pattern do most of the work for this page.  I used my Jungle-themed picture and story and the leafy fronds and tangling vines in their variegated hues of greens and yellows tied the whole thing together.  The background is overwhelming, so instead of fighting it, I let it overwhelm, confining it ever sol slightly with a white border to add definition.  And I enjoyed it!

I don't think I would, or indeed could, do every page like this.  But in this instance, with the right photos, I like how it turned out. 

Journalling reads:

The Armenians shrieked and pointed at me and said that I was the jungle lady.  Confused, much?  But they taped me into a ground sheet and also stuck on weeds and flowers and a scarf (?).  I protested vociferously as they unflinchingly mauled me about, smushing charcoal onto my face and grass in my hair.  And they gave me a log to hold and I had to dance.  The indignity!  But I won the prize :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. I intended to do the podcast today but I have little to no voice being currently possessed of a cold.  Yeulch.  I'm drinking ever so many cups of tea which doesn't really seem to be helping but does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Swings and roundabouts really :D


  1. a cold.........just in time for half term, how very dare it! hope ur feeling better soon. love the layout, i love the yellow touches and film strip diecut,
    Jo xxx

  2. Great layout :D I have a few of those busy papers which have been sitting in my stash for an embarassing number of years, so I should really take up this challenge too!
    P.S. You poor thing with the cold...feel better soon!
    P.P.S. Just after a cup of hot chocolate made from your recipe, and WOW - seriously the best hot chocolate I have ever had. Thank you :D

  3. Definitely different than your usual but it works perfectly with your subject and photo! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. It has indeed come together just beautifully. Very inspiring - I have lots of paper like this where I don't know what to do with it, and you've just shown me how. Thank-you for the inspiration! Hoping you'll be better soon ...

  5. Such a good challenge to take. I remember using that sheet too and I love it one of my best layouts. Yours is gorgeous too, and the perfect title. Going to take inspiration from your challenge and try to do the same. Tfs.

  6. It certainly isn't your usual look - except that it is, your style still shines through! Great use of a tricky paper :)

    PS Hope that cold gets better soon, you have my sympathy xx

  7. Great challenge, love how you've worked around the design of the paper. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I agree with Mel...even though it's a very different background paper for you, you have managed to keep your own style!
    Alison xx

  9. Love your podcast! Here's a tip for getting the peel off roasted peppers (saw it on some cooking show). After roasting, while pepper is still hot, put it in a zip-top plastic bag and seal it up. Supposedly the steam that builds up inside the bags separates the peel from the flesh, and makes getting it off easier. Haven't tried it myself yet, but hopefully it works.

  10. What a cool challenge!! You have def managed to keep that Kirsty style that we all know and love!

    Excited to hear the next podcast, but your health is paramount!

  11. even with all the pattern it is still your style! Beautifully done x

  12. What a beautiful page and the flair is perfect for it! :)