Monday, 1 October 2012

Keeping Clean and Red Peppers

It's Autumn!  Love it, and in honour of this lovely season, I am making soup.  I'll let you know how it goes when I've slurped it up but it's simmering at the moment.  

So in the mean time, I shall share a finished scrapbook page.  This is the end product of one of the pages I talked about on the Podcast Episode Two: Against the Clock.   There wasn't actually a lot to add but there were a few tweaks and alterations.

This was how the page looked after I'd timed myself for one hour.  Nothing was stuck down, but it was taking shape.  Well, it now has journalling, everything is inked and stuck down and I even cut the branding strip off the paper.  Classy :D

To finish it off, I also added a little bit of navy to the bottom cluster of embellishments.  The photo and the top cluster had a bit and it seemed like the bottom was missing out.  Sad face.  But, thanks to the smashing October Afternoon, a navy label sticker was soon found and everyone in the castle rejoiced.  Or at least, if I'd notified them, they would have.  But the visual triangle was complete and so was my page.

This is another page for the Armenia album and the journalling reads:

Each morning on camp we'd wake up in the tents to the noise of the sound system.  We'd decide what colour T-shirt to wear, and we don't shower.  We put on the T-shirts, still don't shower, grab a handful of wetwipes and while we wipe ourselves down, we pretend that it's the same as a shower.  Once respectable, we take it in turns with the bite cream.  We were sadly plagued by small biting insects and clearly, we're delicious.  We don't know what they are but they get in our clothes and that's just not cricket.  Although I don't think it was the crickets as they're quite cute and and bounce really far.  After bite cream comes a a dousing in max-jungle-strength insect repellent that the Armenian insects clearly enjoyed, and to finish off, we slather on the suncream.  Lovely, and all good to go!

I love this time of year.  While I could do without the dark creeping into the mornings, I am enjoying the chill in the air, as I can break out with the mittens-and-gloves combo and, once again, crack on with the soup.  It's acceptable to have a hot-water bottle and to snuggle into blankets and, even though you know you shouldn't, you can look at Christmassy things on Pinterest.

I'm going to be sharing more Autumnal thoughts later on, but right now, the soup needs blending so I'm going to hold that thought for another time.

Night Night,

Kisses xxx

P.S. For anyone interested, the lovely Lizzie is hosting a Bloggers' weekend away for scrapping, crafting and general happy times.  I'm so in!  Pop over to her blog to find out more - the more the merrier!!!


  1. I really love that! Scapbooking is not something I do, but if I could produce something that good I would! x

  2. I have been doing terrible in my blog visiting but I still admire your work very much (only from my reader)! I also need to listen to your podcasts! Your page is lovely as always with a catchy title... + I'm always into the visual triangle(s) too!

  3. I need to listen to your new podcast, I loved the other one :)

  4. **waves** hello fellow blogger weekender :)
    Great page, & even better to see it after listening to your podcast.

  5. Love the page, love the thoughts about Autumn. It can't be beat!

  6. great page...although i'm not sure i could have lasted without a shower!!

    will be popping along to Lizzie's weekend as a day guest!!

  7. Another gorgeous page of colour and shape and pretty bits... I love looking at your work!

  8. ooh, I love your scrapping style, looking forward to seeing more and meeting you next March.

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