Friday, 7 December 2012

Journal Your Christmas: 6th December

I LOVE Christmas music.  And I can't help myself.  It made me jump out of bed on the 1st December as Classic fm had finally started to include carols in their repertoire.  And on the 2nd, I was woken up by the phone which turned out to be Dad singing 'We wish you a merry Christmas' down the phone.  Ably assisted by Mum.  

In fact, singing down the phone is a family thing and every so often, we all gather round the receiver to inflict our vocals on some poor, unsuspecting friend or family member.  And at Christmas, we do a good line in carols.  We do parts and descants whether we know them or not, and the words might not be traditonal as when we forget them, we make them up.  But you've never seen anything like it, and our version of White Christmas is unparalleled.  We regularly get so carried away harmonising that no one sings the tune, and any audience that happen to be listening have to imagine it in for themselves.

When the family aren't around (or aren't answering the phone) Bing keeps me company and I break out the Christmas Crooners CD.  And given that Perry Como and Frank Sinatra also slide their way through some Christmas tunes, t's a rather cheery CD.  And then I round it off with a terrible Louis Armstrong impression, before hitting the repeat button.  And when it's time for something quieter, there's always the immortal 'Panpipes Play Christmas' CD.  Lovely!

Then there's the Carols for Choirs books, the stalwarts of Christmas carol books everywhere.  Any music department, church or choir worth its salt has copies in a variety of hues squirreled away - I've got the white '100 Carols for Choirs' version.  Descants don't get more definitive than that.

I think Christmas really is a time for singing and whether that's carolling with Staff Choir at the local care home or pom-pom-pomming along to 'Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful' when out shopping and it comes on the sound system, I think it's l perfect.

Sing on!

Kisses xxx

P.S. I had a perfect stash moment when I found little silvery music note confetti buried in my staff.  Ultimate Christmas stash win!


  1. Great page - the little semiquavers are perfect!
    And I love joining in the singing too.

  2. Perfect page for your lovely traditions.

  3. This is exactly the color palette I chose for my December Daily minibook! LOVE how yours turned out! The twine and vellum envelope with the music notes inside are such GREAT details! Sweet story as well- you guys sound like really fun to be around during the holidays.

  4. I love the thought of you all gathered round the phone singing, making up bits along the way. I have a penchant for singing my own words to familiar tunes, totally made up things, but hadn't realised how often I did it until I was in the kitchen cooking dinner the other evening. The dog was in the room with me and my daughter and husband were in the lounge. I got to the quiet bit between choruses and I heard my daughter ask 'Is she singing to that dog again?' And why wouldn't I? She's the only audience that doesn't groan when I get started!