Thursday, 13 December 2012

Telling Tales: A new scrapbooking class

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Telling tales is a brand new scrapbooking class all about telling stories and sharing memories.  Through a series of prompts and audio recordings, we’ll be looking at how we convey our stories through our journaling, pictures and design.  I believe that capturing our memories is one of the most fundamental aspects of scrapbooking and that the way we do this is personal and unique to each of us.  Telling Tales explores the different ways we can communicate our stories while doing what we love: scrapbooking!

Every scrapbooker has their own way of sharing their memories and Telling Tales will show you how to make the most of your stories in your own style.  Whether you are more comfortable with photographs, words or design; whether you prefer long wordy rambles or something that’s concise, heartfelt and to the point, Telling Tales will help you to make sure the memories you record come to life on your pages.  

You can scrap along with Telling Tales at your own pace whenever you feel like it. There's no pressure to 'keep up' and you can respond to the prompts in your own way.  You might choose to scrapbook, art journal, go digi, write, take photographs or simply draw inspiration.  You'll have permanent access to the material so you can use the ideas whenever and however you like. 

What's included in the class?
12 scrapbooking prompts featuring exclusive scrapbook layouts which all tell stories in different ways*

8 journalling prompts with different writing suggestions*
*4 audio recordings discussing storytelling*
*4 photography prompts to help you tell stories through pictures*
Permanent access to all class materials*
 *A dedicated Pinterest board to display participants’ work and projects*
  *A private forum to discuss the prompts, share links to your work, get feedback and be creative!*
The class will run for 4 weeks from Monday 28th January and each week, you will receive 3 scrapbooking prompts, 2 journaling prompts, 1 photography prompt and an audio recording.  These will all be emailed to you in pdf format (and as an mp3 file for the audio), landing right in your inbox each day!

What does it cost?
Permanent access to the class Telling Tales and all its contents costs just £6. Every penny goes to charity to support my fundraising for GirlGuiding UK. (Click here to read a little more about my fundraising).

You can pay securely through PayPal by credit or debit card - simply enter the email address you would like the prompts sent to, and click the 'Buy Now' button below!

Email Address
So why not treat yourself or a friend this Christmas? Then there's something to look forward to once the festive season is over and we're facing a cold, wet, dark January!

What next?
Once you've paid via the PayPal website, I'll be in touch by email - usually within the next 24 hours - to confirm payment and class membership. The class will officially begin on Monday 28th January but I'll be in touch a couple of weeks before then with a few ideas to get you started!

So go ahead, click the Buy Now button above and join me for an exciting scrappy adventure!

Any questions? Please get in touch! You can email me at journalofcuriousthings at googlemail dot com and I'll answer any queries as soon as I can.

Kisses xxx

P.S. If you're interested, it would be lovely if you could give Telling Tales a shout out on your blog. In fundraising, as in life, every little helps :D


  1. Sounds fabby, my dear, and I interrupt my self-imposed blog amnesty to leave this comment to tell you so :) I have tweeted a link (I've tried to, anyway, and I'm kinda hoping it actually works....)

    One Q: Will there be transcripts of the audio files please? Still having trouble with podcasts, videos and audio on my 'puter :(

    1. Oooh, thank you! And while I can't promise a complete transcript, I can summarise the contents of the recordings if that would help.

    2. Excellent, thank you muchly :) And I've just bought in, yay!

  2. It won't let me buy it! I'll try again later to see if it's my laptop that is the issue.

    1. Hi Deb - thanks for letting me know. I've re-jigged the button and it seems to be back working. Sorry about that,

      Kirsty xxx

  3. Count me in too! I loved the last class and am already looking forward to this one.

  4. How lovely to have another of your classes to join in with! I really enjoyed the last one, so am off to click :).

  5. Yay! I'm all booked in. Can't wait, loved the last one! I was wondering if I was on your 'naughty' list and not allowed back in class - greatly relieved to know it wasn't just me!

  6. Great idea for fundraising. Looking forward to the class :)

  7. Oh wow, this looks awesome! If Father Christmas gives me some money I will make sure that I sign up :)

  8. Can't wait for the class, I loved ur sketches class! Merry Christmas :)

  9. I've just signed up but numpty that I am I forgot to put my email address in the little box. It's the same address as my Paypal payment will you be able to sort it? Sonja Wright

  10. Looking forward to it Kirsty..hoping it helps get the mojo kicked into gear!
    Loving your JYC this year...have a very happy Christmas
    Alison xx

  11. Treated myself to this class for the new year :)

  12. I've just signed up and pressed Buy Now before adding my email address ~ it's roo1968ATyahooDOTcoDOTuk. Thanks!

  13. I've just signed up and it seems I'm not the only one to forget to add my e-mail address!! It's lizDOTleeATbtconnectDOTcom. looking forward to starting as I really need something to get me scrapping again. Thanks :0)

  14. How much is the class in US dollars? I would love to join in!

  15. Miss Smith -- might you give me a call through email? :) - thanks!

  16. I signed up earlier this week and forgot to add email address -

  17. Hi there,

    I signed up for your class and forgot to add my email address.
    Looking forward to the class! Veronica