Monday 10 December 2012

Ten on the Tenth: Christmas stories to tell

For Ten on the Tenth, lots of bloggers share ten things that they are enjoying at the moment and we all link up at As I'm cheerfully Journalling My Christmas along with Shimelle (see the first complete page above) and the other class members I thought I'd chose Ten Christmas stories I want to include as part of my JYC.  

Over the weekend, my fellow leaders and I took our Guide unit away for a Christmas-themed holiday.  Imagine a giant sleepover with 30 teenagers and Christmas dinner, then bump up the excitement and festivity levels and you're about there.  And I had the MOST. AMAZING. CHRISTMASSY. TIME.  And best of all, I now have lots of lovely Christmas stories and memories and photos to share.  I've included my favourite ten below, and while I will share the stories n full over time as I make the pages, below I've included some potential page titles, and a few hints.  I've also included some pictures for good measure, although I've stuck to ones without the girls in.  Which is a shame as some of them are classic, but still.

1) Is there anyone who's not wearing a onesie?
No, would be the emphatic answer to that. Who knew that baby-grows would make a comeback?

2) Don't Look behind you...
The older girls made paperchains at midnight and strung them around the room.  But the pathetic adhesive wouldn't hold the weight.  We snuggled up to watch The Snowman and tried to avoid turning round to peer at the room every time another soft swish told us a paperchain had collapsed.  1:00am found various girls balanced precariously on items of furniture in a desperate bid to hold it all together.  We considered leaving them there and seeing how long they were prepared to hold up the loops of paper for, but in the end, we passed round the sticky tape.  Decorations fail.

3) Gingerbread Houses 2: Attack of the Guides
There is no way to adequately describe the experience of trying to get 30 Guides to each make a gingerbread house from scratch.  All at the same time.

4) Christmas with all the trimmings!
"Guys, they're making more every minute!" was the rallying cry and girls tumbled over to the kitchen hatch to hoover up the thin strips of left-over gingerbread.

5) The Great Slipper Swap of 2013
No one really cares if you're slippers aren't the right size, as long as they're cool.

6) Thighs of Steel
In the morning once breakfast was over and jobs were done, we sent the girls outside to run around in the woods and get some fresh air.  It was very cold, so they wouldn't stay out for long even wrapped up in woolies.  And we felt they needed some exercise.  And thus, Christmas Aerobics with Kirsty was born.  Making up aerobics to 'All I want for Christmas' outside on a patio in December, where your breath mists in clouds and there is frost on the grass has to be one of the most surreal experiences of my life.  And it's a strange feeling of power as 30 people all follow along as you break out with moves such as "Clean the windows, hail a cab, SQUAT! lunge, skiiiiiiiiiii and brush your hair".  Yes, my "workout" was heavily influenced by bad 90s pop.  Strangest of all was that the girls LOVED it, all joined in with enthusiasm despite having declared it to be horrifically embarrassing, and requested we do it again the next morning.

7) Tidying Up Karaoke
Clearing up is an inevitable by-product of crumbs which in turn is an inevitable by-product of 1 gingerbread house, never mind 30.  But, never mind, lets make it a game.  I whacked up the volume on the CD player, hit the now ubiquitous 'All I want for Christmas', seized the waiting microphone (brush) and went to it.  Lead vocals by yours truly shimmying round the broom/mic and backing vocals and dance routine by the older girls.  Crumbs vanquished.  Next: X-factor.  

8) Christmas Buns
At out Christmas dinner on the Saturday night, we very properly laid the table, handmade placemats and crackers at the ready, and a surprise bottle of something fizzy and grape-flavoured (and yes, alcohol free.  For the girls).  And everyone also received a knitted Christmas pudding stuffed with chocolate coins.  Of course, these turned out to be exactly the right size and shape to fit over hair styled into a bun.  There was a flurry of activity and every girl sporting long tresses immediately piled up her hair, affixed a Christmas pudding, and a new trend was born.

9) Things are really awkward...
What is more cosy and comfortable than settling down to watch a Christmas film?  On our second night, the younger girls were in their room and the older ones were allowed to stay up and watch a film.  We hauled the comfy chairs round together and projected it on the wall.  And then we made the girls feel spectacularly uncomfortable by speculating about exactly when Jude Law was going to put in an appearance and leaping in front of the projector to sensor any kissing.  Such behaviour is hilarious and witty when you are 25.  It is humiliating when you are 14.

10) Things are really (not) cool in the Earth House
Sung by the girls to a ukulele (I kid you not) to the tune of one of the songs from the film Nativity.  They changed the words.  It was awesome. 

And so that's a little peek into my weekend.  We are SO doing this again next year.  

Kisses xxx

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  1. I soooo wanna come to one of your Guide sleep overs, they sound like something from an Enid Blyton book. Just perfect :)

  2. Oh you make me miss my Guiding so much. What an awesome idea for a sleepoverBelieve me - I'll be copying this when I get back into Guides (and I'm sure I will, but for now M is only a Rainbow)

  3. What a fab weekend you had? I love the fact that Guiding can give you such great experiences. Love the sound of those Christmas pudding hair accessories and your ginger bread houses look amazing!