Monday 21 January 2013

Journal of Curious Things Podcast Episode 6: And Snow On

Pearls and butterflies falling out of an envelope.

The Journal of Curious Things Podcast, dedicated to scrapbooking, crafty lovelies, living life and telling stories. And all this, over a cup of tea.

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Show Notes

The ones I link to are the ones I use the most: 3mm in diameter in colourway Peaches and Cream.  Yum!

The link takes you to the DIY photo wall that I mentioned, but pretty much every post on this blog is inspiring!

The name says it all, but beware the flaw in the recipe!  Turned out a treat regardless, so I recommend it :D

Telling Tales
A scrapbooking class all about story from yours truly.  Follow the link for full info!

Lovely theme music - here's a video!

You can download the podcast from iTunes onto your portable music player of choice, or even your computer if that's easier (There's a link on the blog sidebar).  And if you want to chat, or have awesome podcast ideas, send me an email!

journalofcuriousthings dot co dot uk

Kisses xxx

P.S. I did not get my snow day.  Ultimate sad face!  And I stupidly put off some of the weekend marking thinking I'd do it (rather smugly) on Monday's snow day.

P.P.S. While I felt foolish for doing that this morning, it soon transpired I definitely wasn't the only one :D


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog on pinterest! Love it!!

    I noticed that you work with Girlguiding UK. I'm actually a Girl Scout troop leader on Guam. My troop is made up of 5 kindergartners and so far it has been a blast! We're actually going to be participating in a World Thinking Day event on February 24th and our country is the UK. Would you be willing to mail me any information (brochures, pics of uniforms, maps, postcards, etc.) about Girlguiding UK and about the UK? I would love if you did so I could show my troop and then we can share it with fellow troops at our event. Please email me at and let me know either way. Thank you!!

  2. Great to listen to another podcast Miss Smith they always make me laugh!! Looking forward to meeting you in person soon xxx

  3. I loved the podcast this evening, I was planning to crochet along, but ended up just listening. Off to join your class now :)

  4. Thank you for making my long and delayed commute fly by this morning! Love those pearls - might have to invest in some of them....

  5. Super page - but I'd expect no less... :)

    Sadly, still not able to get at podcast, flippin' laptop can't cope :(

  6. I have knitted titles (I just knitted different lengths of about 3 or 4 stitches in width and created letters!) and I've scrapped about knitting!! So there is a link!

  7. Great listening as always Kirsty - I think it's so interesting to think about how other crafts and their influences have been absorbed into scrapbooking:D Looking forward to 'Telling Tales' xxx

  8. Just me again...I had to let you know that (insert drumroll here!) I finally took the plunge and made a blog!! Still completely at sea about what to do and everything, but your encouragement and gentle nagging have definitely given me the push I needed :D Would love to know what you think! Have a fabulous weekend xxx

  9. Just found/stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed looking back over your December entries. I fell in love with London as a study abroad student in the 80's and my daughter was at Queen Mary's 2 years ago for her semester abroad. She is now a fifth grade science teacher,putting in all the hours a first year teacher has to. Anyways love your creativity, photographs and stories. Just signed up to follow you-cheers. Cathy from Nebraska.