Thursday 17 January 2013

Pretty Polaroid Project

You may have noticed that there hasn't been much in terms of layouts round here recently.  But that’s not because I've stopped scrapping.  I know, you were all terrified then for a moment?  No?  Oh.

No, it’s because I’m busy working on pages and ideas for my new class Telling Tales.  But I've started to notice that I’m doing a couple of techniques and motifs over and over again.  I LOVE camera themed items with a passion and I still can’t get enough of Polaroids.  This is a bit odd, as I don’t have a Polaroid camera.  Nor have I ever had one.  But there’s something about those funny-shaped frames that makes me think craft+photos+vintage all at once.  That’s the kind of maths that everyone loves.

So while I’m busy working on pages for class, I wanted to share a slightly different project here.  
Enter: The Pretty Polaroid Project

Each week, I’m going to bring you a tutorial featuring little Polaroid frame that has got its craft on.  (I’m so down with the kids I’m practically lying on the floor.  Really)  And I don't mean complicated, expensive, product-fueled Polaroids with fancy die-cut bits in trendy colours.  Those are cool, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have any lying about.  What I do have is some white cardstock, some patterned paper scraps, the odd embellishment and AMBITION.

When you read the word ‘AMBITION’ you have to do it while imagining yourself saying it in a large hall with an echoey effect.  And your tone of voice should be hushed and yet ring with importance.  Altogether?
AMBITION (...ambition..bition..ition..­­tion...ion...)

Are you on board?  Sometimes I find it hard to tell when the boat of sanity has tipped so far over that people are starting to slide off the deck.  Some people call it crazy, I prefer to think of it as a Miss Smith moment.  It’s all good.

Anyway, I'm going to take my bits and pieces, my buttons and brads, my ribbons and punches, and I'm going to combine them with Polaroid frames to make a series of pretty embellishments.  Then I'll share a tutorial here each week for each Polaroid.  At the end of the series of tutorials, I'll be sharing a project that will put them all to good use.

If you want to join me, you'd be very welcome!  Use your own odds and ends, do your own thing and let adorable photographic frames be your guide.  And whether your use them on projects, or save them for a rainy day, it would be lovely to see what you craft :D

Anyway, I'm starting by making a few frames from a Polaroid-shaped template I've made.  I've cut it out of stiff card and I'm tracing round it onto white cardstock, before hand-cutting the frames to use in future.  Perfect TV scrapping.

So look out for the first tutorial at the weekend.  And while you're welcome to use any frames or supplies or ideas you like, if you do want to follow along with the tutorial, I can send you a copy of the template I'm using for the Polaroid shape.  I made it myself.  No, no, no, your applause is just to much.  You're embarrassing me.  

But in all seriousness, if you'd like a pdf of the template, I'll hook you up.  Simply send me an email to 

journalofcuriousthings at gmail dot com 

Kisses xxx

P.S.  Never fear!  Now that my voice is heading back towards it’s usual pitch, I hope to do the next podcast episode this weekend – thank you for your patience!


  1. I nearly fell off my chair with laughing - your humourous writing has really cheered me up! And I am looking forward to the Polaroid items. I remember actually owning one of the cameras. Yep, I'm on board and clinging to the lifeboat like grim death. Just in case :).

    1. Well, yes, naturally I am hilarious. But do keep holding on just to be on the safe side.

      I'm obnoxious too, if that wasn't already obvious :D

  2. hello,
    Im new to your blog, and I cant even remember how it found it now even though I think it was just this week or the last.
    any ways....
    I love your blog, I just wanted to tell you that.
    Im used to reading alot of lifestyle blogs and I dont know why since Im a scrapbooker first and foremost so its my goal this year to get back into reading scrappy blogs.
    you just made my goal a reality!
    so thanks for the wit and charma nd scrappy motivation!
    Im hooked!

  3. ps I own many polaroids! I will send you one if you like.... email me..
    valechula @ gmail dot com

    1. An offer I can't refuse! And thanks for saying hello - it's lovely to meet new people :D

      I had a poke around your blog too, and I love the design, it's gorgeous!

  4. Lol'ing all over the place here too. Yes, I am sure the kids say lol'ing too :) I look forward to this and joining in and I am hoping to join in your class too.

  5. As always Miss Smith you brighten my day. Keep having Miss Smith moments! Looking forward to the tutorial - really hoping to have a go at your journal cards this weekend.

  6. Hihi, I was thinking you had a Polaroid and I wanted to ask you a question about it. I just started to follow you and never noticed these Polaroid are 'fake'. Crazy me :)

  7. raofl Miss Smith!! you are just too funny! It's been a long week for me and your post has cheered me up no end. Plus with 5-6 inches snow here this is the perfect project for the weekend...thank you x

  8. Looks like it might be a Polaroid and journaling card kind of weekend then!
    Alison xx

  9. Ooooh! Polaroids? Yes please - off to email you! I'm on board lol!

  10. Ooh, how exciting! This is a super idea! I may have to join in with this one a couple of times!

  11. Sounds all rather exciting. Can't wait

  12. I wrote a long reply to this when I read the post on my phone, and then it wouldn't post my comment, grr. I think the gist of it was - you do make me laugh, Miss Kirsty. And I think the polaroid series sounds awesome! x

  13. I am without computer and printer at the moment but I am looking forward to this series! The first one makes me want to scrap..