Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pretty Polaroid Project: The Third

Hello folks, and sorry it's been a while.  Things get hectic, and blogs get neglected.  All my scrap and blog time seems to have been swallowed by Telling Tales, and while I've loved putting together the class, it has definitely led to some abandonment of the blog.

So, I shall return post-haste with the next installment of the Pretty Polaroid Project.  We've had One, Two and so now it's time for...

OK, the end to that sentence is so obviously going to be three that it's hardly worth typing.  But I'm just going to add that I think the pictures are instruction enough so I'm not going to witter on in an ever-more-convoluted list of instructions.  But if you do want to make one, I'm happy to email you my Polaroid template.  Just send me a quick request to:

journalofcuriousthings at gmail dot com

Goodness, I wish it were half term every week.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Sleepy times, and thanks to my new mattress topper, I'm guaranteed a good one :D


  1. These are awesome! Love them! tfs Too cute, I had to "pin" them!

  2. Each of these is a miniature work of art! Lovely, lovely, lovely …

  3. Such lovely classic cards simple yet classy. Came across your blog today and was so impressed will just have to follow you Great scrapbook page in earlier post.

  4. I was hoping to make some more of your pretty polaroids yesterday (I had your template with me)Lovely to have met you x

  5. Your beautiful Polaroids were like an energizing infusion of inspiration for my latest layout. I only recently started following your blog (after seeing your lovely post on Shimelle's blog), and I'm so happy to have found it! I also have started listening to your podcast (just one episode so far-- and I have to say, I'm right there with you on the hexagons!!). Looking forward to more inspiration (audio and visual) :)

    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

    P.S. Here's a link to the layout that was inspired by your polaroids... and look there! I actually used hexagon paper! (but in small, unobtrusive doses :))

  6. fabulous! you are turning me in to a polaroid addict!!

  7. couldnt get your email address above to work, would love the polaroid template, thanks