Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Good Advice for GOLD Leaders

Leading a voluntary project in Cambodia this summer is going to be, shall we say, challenging?  And before I met the rest of the team I'm taking, I sought some advice on how to get along with them from Jade, my own team leader from last year.

So what was the advice?  It comes in a three-point-plan and goes a bit like this:

When you meet them for the first time, go to the right place.  (This may have been because Jade went to Southport instead of Stockport the first time we met :D)

Give your team chocolate.

Don't be too nice to them.

I can't say this was exactly what I was hoping for in the advice stakes, but I figured to heck with it all and bough chocolate and double checked my directions.  I also asked the team who went to Cambodia last year if they had any good advice.  Emphasis on the word good.  Their response?

Bring some bolt cutters.


Because they've left us lots of useful resources in Cambodia for us to use this summer (lovely!) but it's all padlocked into a bad and they can't remember the combination.

Yikes.  And this, folks, this is all I have to go on.  Nightmare.  But worth a scrapbook page I thought.

This page was a sort-of-scraplift from a page I made before that I really loved (and still do).  It works for a single little picture and lots of journalling.  I'd like to make it a few more times actually.  

Although now I think about it, I possibly just enjoy mucking about with butterfly/heart confetti.  It's too close to call.  I made this layout at the Bloggers' Weekend we had which I have yet to write about, but has been covered marvelously elsewhere :D  Anyone recognise a heart punch?

Kisses xxx

P.S. I have been arguing with Flickr lately and therefore not been able to update the blog (sadface) but now that I have emerged the triumphant victor, I can reveal that I did this at the weekend :D

P.P.S. Yes that's a hand-knitted Gryffindor scarf.  Smug face.  We took the Guides on the Harry Potter Studio Tour!


  1. Heck! What kind of a bag needs a bolt cutter!? Great scarf!

  2. Saw this page at the bloggers weekend and was very impressed, the hand sewing and details (including confetti) is lovely. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Harry Potter - it looks like you had fun!

  3. nice heart punch lol! Looking forward to hearing what you thought of HP studios as I loved it! ps fab scarf!

  4. GOOD LUCK with your trip..goodness on the advice! I admire your page AND your scarf!

  5. Love this!!! Just the right amount of detail and great subject!

  6. What confusing advice - giving chocolate is being too nice in my world. Biscuits, however, are good for team meetings. That last photo is so you. Is the bridge really wonky or is that your fish eye lens?
    BTW - uber congrats on your double at Shimelle's - inspiring the master scrapper to scraplift you on her blog!!!!! Woohoo to you.
    P.S. I gave you a virtual wave as I went through Edgeware Road tube station yesterday.

  7. Ha ha. As a former GOLD participant myself I would echo Chocolate - always a goody, but as a bribe after your team complete whatever tasks you have for them, not before! And include at least 1 portion of fruit / vegetables in your menu for the weekend - shows you're a responsible leader and concerned for their welfare!! Cambodia sounds like an amazing challenge. Good lucvk. Look forward to seeing some layouts from the HP tour. I'm really enjoying scrappingmy pics from our recent family visit

  8. Fantastic photo! What a scarf ... Chocolate sounds good, and am not sure about the bolt cutter but I never go anywhere without a screwdriver!

  9. you will find a get that bag open and to win over your team!
    Fabulous page - lovely hearts, that wasn't the heart punch I went home with lol!
    How was the HP tour? did they have Butter Beer? x

  10. So want to do the hp tour looking forward to seeing some layouts. Love the advice

  11. I think that bolt cutter advice is PRICELESS; I mean, geez, what would you have done???

  12. Off topic but I was wondering if your previous classes are still available to buy as I am new to your work via the lovely shimelle laine?

  13. I love the scarf and am so jealous that you did the potter tour!

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