Sunday, 28 July 2013

Scrapbooking Travels

Did I mention I'm heading to Cambodia for three weeks?  Yes?  Multiple times?  Oh.  Well, just imagine how much I'll be mentioning it when I get back!  Anyway, while we're out there, we're going to be teaching English in rural communities, training Guide leaders and running workshops and living in and experiencing a whole new culture.  And I want to scrapbook it.  All of it!  It shall be mine!

When I travel, I often take a notebook and keep a journal of everything that happens, but I've never scrapbooked on the road before and I decided this was to be the trip where I gave it a shot.  However, in between health forms and flight details, insurance and lesson plans, conference calls with the team and insane amounts of packing, I knew I wasn't going to have much time to get organised.

So I kept it minimal.  I wanted to take as few things as possible, limit the use of tools and forget pictures entirely at this stage.  The kit I put together needed to be small, robust and able to withstand a kicking, and ideally something I can break out with anywhere when I have a couple of minutes.  We're going to be busy after all!  And hopefully I'll have some 6x4 mini pages when I get home that can go into divided page protectors.

In the end, I packed some 6x4 journalling cards, some tags, a notebook to jot ideas/quotes in, a few postcards, some embroidery thread, a couple of rolls of washi, little letter stickers and some Elle's Studio tags. Then in terms of tools, I chucked in a glue runner, two journalling pens, a pencil, a date stamp, a ruler, some scissors, needles and a paper piercer.  Those last three pointy objects will not be joining me in my hand luggage though - they'll have to travel in the hold. Alas!  No pointy objects on planes!

I'm going to worry about photos when I come back.  My lovely camera will be joining me, and I can flick though a day's photos and note down the photos that could be printed to go with the project.  But the printer is staying firmly at home.  I'm going to take one little instax-stye print with me so I can get an idea of size - then I could leave space on a card and add the print at home afterwards.  But that's it.

The main focus of this scrapbook will be journalling.  Hence my journalling card hunt.  I cut them up myself as they used to be 12x12 cut-apart sheets.  Both are by American Crafts, one from Amy Tangerine and one from Dear Lizzy and both are lovely.  They were also inexpensive as it's just 12x12 paper and I bought four of each which gives me a range of designs and patterns, but they all tie together.

To personalise the cards however, I wanted them ink splattered.  So I've done that here at home and they're ready for the trip!  There was no way I was going to be taking mist with me :D

The advantage of this preparation, even though it's been minimal, is that it all packs up very small.  And it's absolutely vital that you find a really cute back to pack it all in.  And I mean seriously cute.  Even if it is supposed to be a washbag.  

It's probably worth pointing out that I don't expect everything to be perfect and finished when I come back.  I may want to add extra stickers, pearls, labels, paperclips, you name it!  But I can't take it all.  This way, I can ensure that I get the important memories and experiences recorded in a pretty way, and I can have fun reliving the experience when I get back!

So there's my kit, all tucked away and ready to go.  This bag is actually doubling as a pencil case as well as a scrapbook kit, so I've also got notecards to give to our hosts and pens and so on in here too.  I wrapped the journalling cards up together in a little plastic resealable bag - if we do get monsoon rains, they will be safe!  It also helps to keep them flat and together as they suffer untold abuses in my hand luggage.

Now all that remains is to hop on the plane, whip out the kit and start doodling borders and designs on the cards so they're ready to use!

Have you ever scrapbooked on the road?  If you have any last minute tips, I'd be v. grateful!

Kisses xxx

P.S. As I write this, it occurs to me that I have packed a date stamp and no ink.  Now I need to decide whether to pack the ink, or leave the date stamp.  Argh, not another decision to make!

P.P.S. The sensible thing is to leave the date stamp.

P.P.P.S. I can't decide if I'm sensible or not.

P.P.P.P.S. Help!


  1. LOVED seeing this pop into my reader as I am trying to figure out whether to just journal or to scrapbook on the road for my upcoming trip... I want to read all I can on the subject and in the process, stumbled upon another blogger who scrapbooks on the Road (
    Love your little kit and I can't wait to see how your idea progresses!

  2. Great kit - could you use a pen to rub onto the date stamp, like a copic or something? Would be smaller than an ink pad!

  3. oh wow have a great trip!! Im envious of your determination to journal your way around & Im so looking forward to seeing the results :-)

  4. Brilliant little kit, and the wash bag idea is perfect. Keeping,up wi the journalling is probably the most,important thing ... Could you do the date stamping on white or splattered card before you go, trim the dates so each is on a little strip and then stick or stitch I each where you want it? Or just doodle the dates?

  5. I was going to suggest stamping the dates in advance onto stickers that you can just add to the pages.

  6. Coincidence! This is exactly what I was doing as your post went up - putting together a scrapbook kit to take on holiday - just two weeks in Italy, not really an adventure, but family memories are so important. I'm using a Stampin'Up "This and That" 60 side journal. Last year I used a plain white one and it is just not pretty enough! This year's book will be no more effort, but will look much nicer. I've got a stamp just like yours too, and will take a couple of markers for writing and stamping and the ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL white gel pen for contrast. And washi and glue. There are a couple of pocket pages and two envelopes for saving little things in until I get back. My tip from last year is not to be too precious about expecting to spend too much time on it after you get back apart from the photos. I find the immediacy of stuff written there and then quite appealing actually and everyone can scribble stuff in if they feel like it. Thanks for reminding me to bring a pencil! Hope you have a great trip x

  7. What a brilliant idea! There would always be little anecdotes that you may forget by the time you come back and this way everything is jotted down as it happens. Also it will make it so much easier to get the whole adventure in an album quickly on your return. Have a brilliant trip!

  8. I just know that all these pretty papers will hold special moments for you and you will have an amazing album on your return. Have fun x

  9. I haven't scrapbooked on the road but I've kept a diary and LOADS of pieces of memorabilia. I would suggest sorting through your ememorabilia each evening if you get time cos otherwise you end up with way too much stuff to pack on your way back. The one thing I always tied to keep was stuff written in the language of the country I was going to and in Spain I found a tiny Spanish novel which I used to put the local into my scrapbooking once I got home. I love you lil pouch of goodies. Best of luck and have a fab time,
    Jo xxx

  10. Leave the stamp. You're taking notes for each day in the notebook. You can add the date when you get home. Or like an above poster said, you can stamp dates onto stickers and take those. I feel inspired to plan a trip so I can take one of the new Close To My Heart My Crush books. Have a great time and be safe! (The preview shows this might post as "Anonymous" but I'm not! I'm Cynthia McCloud and I blog sporadically about scrapbooking at

  11. This is a great idea and possibly inspired by Amy Tan - or at least that's who inspired me to do this. I usually have a notebook but the idea of using the tags and having ready made journalling cards is really good. Enjoy your trip - this is the benefits of teaching you get to travel and have exciting holidays!

  12. This is going to be SO fabulous, I just know it! You've taken a perfect amount of supplies and I'm sure the stories you record on the road will be brilliant. I kept a journal while on holidays this year for the first time (my only supplies were a notebook, pens and good old washi tape!) and am so glad I did! Lots of luck on your Cambodia crafting adventures :D

  13. Love this. I am not quite so organized so I found that for me making a book via Maryann Moss style (Remains of the Day) beforehand is the only way I can scrap on the road. Heidiology on YouTube has a great video (before and after) of this.

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