Saturday, 27 July 2013

Time for Tea

Given that you’re coming round for tea, certainly think you ought to arrive early.  Nothing tastes quite like that first cup of the day and I hope that you’ll stay until at least elevensies which is many more cups of tea after that.

You look up when you hear me screeching your name at a quite unnecessary pitch.  But I’m excited and I can’t help it. You can see me leaning out of the window of my first floor flat waving frantically and I call that I’ll be down in a second – the weather is so nice that I thought we’d make a picnic of breakfast.  Find a nice spot in the shade and I’ll bring the pot down.

I appear a couple of minutes later, apologising that it took longer than I thought as I nearly forgot to warm the pot.  And that just won’t do.  But it’s steeped nicely and I've taken the teabags out and put the tea cosy on.  Seriously, this pot will be good for a while.  It stands on its tray with the milk jug and my unapologetically cutesy cups and saucers.  The tea is Lady Grey – I hope you’ll try it as it’s very summery with flavours of orange and lemon.

I have a picnic blanket slung in a bag over my arm and I spread it on the grass – could you hold the tea tray? – and we settle down.  I kick off my shoes because bare feet feel good in summer.  I thought we’d have some fruit with our tea but I threw some chocolate on the tea tray too because I don’t think it’s ever been a bad idea in the history of the world to have a bite of just-in-case chocolate.

I pour the tea – I like to put in my milk first, but you can add your own as you like it.  I've heard tell of mysterious folk from strange lands who like to put the milk in last or sometimes don’t put the milk in at all.  But I’m pretty sure those tales are just told to frighten small children and that such things don’t really happen.

You put the milk in last? Oh.  My apologies.


I have so much to tell you, it feels like an age since we last caught up.  I’m really enjoying the summer holidays; we’re only three days in but it’s such a relief to only have to think about one thing at once now.  For the last three months, I feel like I've been trying to juggle school and the attendant never-ending work along with Guides, friends, Cambodia… And for now, I've put it all on hold and I’m just focusing on getting everything ready for the Cambodia trip and making sure I really squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of the experience.  Even though there's such a lot to do, I suddenly feel more relaxed as I've decided to narrow my focus.  I could tell you about the times when I've not been convinced that I'll pull it off, but that talking to the other leaders has made me realise that I'm not the only one who panics occasionally, or worries about daft things. They're all incredibly supportive and they inspire me to tackle this crazy project with renewed energy.

It’s also lovely to think of the time I’ll have when I come back to spend with the boyfriend, the friends and the family.  And the scrapbook.

I hope this doesn't sound like I’m complaining – I've been loving life more than ever of late and I don’t think I've ever got out in the sunshine so much!  I've had Guide Camp, Sports day, garden BBQs, a day punting on the Cam, lots of alfresco dining and a day at Latitude festival, not to mention evenings whiled away outside pubs enjoying a glass of Pimm's. Or pink cider – who knew it came in pink?

But it is nice to steal these moments of calm and reflect on things.  Like how good a cup of tea tastes outside.  Or how lovely it is to spend a whole evening talking to a couple of friends, or how much fun I can have browsing for a few crafty supplies. Can I top you up? No?  I don’t understand, how could you not want another cup?  I know it would be your fourth, but they’re only little cups so you've really hardly had any!  Alright, I’ll top mine up – that’ll be the end of this pot.  

It’s been lovely to catch up.  Why not stay for a second pot?  It comes with cake and I promise I'll do my best to be quiet for a bit as I want to hear about your adventures.  It will be a struggle as it's brilliant when I talk (this is an established objective fact, and not merely my opinion) but I am curious and I do want to listen to your stories.

Kisses xxx

P.S. For more tea-based moments, head over to Abi's blog, Creating Paper Dreams.

P.P.S. I have also learned to use Bloglovin and Instagram.  I hate when the technology I've painstakingly learned to use changes (yes I'm talking to you, the oh-so-fickle Google Reader) but I actually quite like Bloglovin.  And Instagram is just fun with cameras, what's not to love!


  1. Thanks for stopping for tea. I would definitely take that fifth cup and I can't understand people who put milk in second! It tastes all wrong! I feel we would have a lot to chat about. That cambodia trip sounds amazing.

  2. Oh the shame, I'm a 'milk in last' kind of person ;-) I hope that doesn't mean I can't pop in again. I mean, you talk about punting down the Cam - we must practically be neighbours!
    The 6th formers at my school are out in Cambodia at the moment - having a great time and I'm sure you will too. They set up a blog if you are interested

  3. You know, I rarely drink tea at all. The weather has to be very cold and even then I make it so weak and never with milk at all ... I know, I'm crazy!
    Planning for Cambodia sounds wonderful.

  4. The Lady Grey was lovely and I am quite blown away by your whirlwind of energy - and intrigued by the little mention of the boyfriend just slipped in there :). Your preparations for Csmbodia sound exciting and I am looking forward to reading more on the visit too - I am sure you will be a brilliant leader!

  5. Yes I liked the Lady Grey and like a little milk in it and horror of horrors milk in last.... I hope you have a wonderful trip to Cambodia, it was lovely to hear some of your plans, perhaps if you come to me next month you might have some pictures to share?

  6. I Do enjoy a cup of Lady Grey...especially when it's taken picnic-style in the garden..and I'm certain it's pleasantly warm (the weather, not the tea!) unlike here, where it's 38 degrees !!
    Alison xx

  7. I may be late to the tea party but it certainly isn't stewed. Love the catch-up,
    Jo xxx

  8. Four cups is perfect and milk first, of course. Mmm and Yorkie. Although I usually get the biscuit and raisin one (for one of my 5 a day!!) Lovely to hear you are relaxed and preparing for your trip. Have a great time!

  9. Oh how I'd love to share a cuppa with you, and five cups is of course totally normal and acceptable. One can always fit in another cup of tea!! I'm loving catching up on your blog posts after a week on holidays and enjoy your writing as much as ever. Glad you're enjoying the summer holidays so far, and Cambodia sounds so fantastic. I can't wait to hear all the stories and see the scrapbook of course! xxx

  10. Oh I miss yoghurts that come in those corner pots with extra added special flavours and toppings, wish they had them down here in NZ. Thanks for the drink and catch up