Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Then and Now

These two pictures were taken a year apart.  The one on the left is of the girls I went to Armenia with and was taken in July 2012.  We travelled in the very formal but oh-so-ill-fitting Guiding shirts, we spent a long time debating how many pairs of pants to take (or knickers if you prefer - even the word pants seems to cause confusion) and we had to cram two tents into our luggage to camp in.

The one on the right is an unconscious echo.  These are the girls I took to Cambodia, this time the team leader, and was taken in July 2013. We travelled in the standard uniform polo shirts and hoodies, the team were slightly more enthusiastic about having an extensive group portrait session and we spent time comparing mosquito nets, the strength of our Deet and wondering exactly how hot it was going.

However, in both pictures, we are excited and nervous; we are representing the UK Girlguiding movement, we have our UK international neckers tied in friendship knots and back packs that go easy on shoes and sun dresses but have coloured crayons shoved into every available space, roles of gaffa tape (because gaffa can hold together a bag, a tent, a mosquito net and probably even a plane in a pinch) and yes, lots of pairs of pants. 

Seriously, TWO of my team this time around found they'd actually packed knickers more than once - one had over 40 pairs and one had over 60.  Crumbs!

I like how both pictures represent the excitement of going on adventure, or being part of a team, and of just plain old being silly.  I also like that while some things have changed in a year, some things haven't and that's just lovely. I haven't actually scrapped the photo on the right - I picked a different one from the photo shoot that had me in thanks to the self timer - but I've still scrapped this moment of anticipation for each trip.

'And They're Off' was the page that I made about our departure for Armenia - you can see more details in the post I wrote here. The departure page for Cambodia, 'Engage GOLD Mode' is much more recent!  You can read more about that here.

I also think it's interesting to see how my scrapping has evolved - in some ways I think both pages have a lot of similarities and quite a consistent style.  I think I'm growing into it!  I've got my hand-journalling on both pages, my flair, layering, Thickers, a single photo, mist, white space, sewing, cameras... And while the second page doesn't have any paperclips (Oh no!) I still love to use them.  I think the more recent page is perhaps a bit more refined some how; there's more detail in the layering and the colour combination of yellow/blue/green is a bit more consistent throughout the page.  It's fast becoming my favourite palette :D

None of this really has a point to be honest, but it's an interesting exercise to dig out photos and pages made a year apart and see how things have changed.

Kisses xxx

P.S.School holidays are the best - went to the cinema at lunchtime today with the boyfriend, then meeting the friends tonight and to fill the gap in between, I'm having tea in a cafe (thank you free wifi!) and blogging.  This is the life!


  1. One of the (many) things I love about scrapping is the ability to see those Then & Now comparisons. Love both these pages

  2. So interesting to see them together like this! I like your signature style very much - working on summoning up the courage to handwrite on a page! The yellow, blue, green is a very pretty colourway.

  3. I like the story of the two photos next to each other. Maybe a LO now with them both on!

  4. Lovely to see the pages together like that. My style is changing and I think that some of those changes are down to your Telling Tales class ~ ink spots, smaller photos, handmade journaling cards. Thanks!

  5. Sixty pairs of knickers? Seriously?
    Love both these layouts - they are different and yet both are so typical of your style.

  6. I love both photos and the different stories they tell! I can't believe one of the girls brought sixty pairs of knickers! I love both layouts and I can totally recognise your style. I think I'd be able to tell your layout from a group in a second because you style is so fabulously distinctive. Fab!
    P.S. Thank you SO much for the lovely postcard all the way from Cambodia! I got it today and it was a total surprise :) Seriously happy mail day!

  7. A girl has gotta have clean knickers :) Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Like seeing the comparison photos, shame you're not in them x as always fantastic layouts x

  8. I've recently reorganised my knicker drawer and am astonished to think of 40 let alone 60 pairs. I've just looked at scrapbook pages several years apart - always interesting to see how styles develop. Glad you had a good time in Cambodia and that the girls were always happy :)