Saturday, 14 September 2013

a little light layering

Last week I blogged a story about my dislike of coconuts and the little coconut based adventure my team and I had in Cambodia.  Now I have finally finished putting together the scrapbook page!  

The main detail on the page comes from a layered block of paper, fabric, lace, photo and title, and I've Instagrammed the steps below so you can see how it came together.  When I layer, I tend to play around without sticking anything down, and then when I'm happy, I take the layers off one by one, marking where they go, ink the edges and then build the layers back up again following my markings and adhering them down.

I included details about how I made the title (#7) in this post here with the coconut story. The last two images (#8 and #9) show little clusters at the edges of the page which mirror the layers in the middle. With my layers done, my title cut, my journalling written, I now have a finished page!

As there was quite a bit more story than would fit on the stage and still look pretty (in my opinion) the rest of the story will go on journalling cards in a divided page protector.  

I have to say, this has not been the best of weeks.  While I can't say there have been any major disasters, it's just been a bit disappointing from start to finish.  Full of little irritations and annoyances and mistakes.  And sleep deprivation. You know when you have a bad day, and then you go to bed and think at least tomorrow will be better?  All week, tomorrow just hasn't been better.  So I'm very glad to have reached the weekend.  I've got some lovely plans with friends, time to catch up on sleep (VERY much needed) and I think I'm going to put myself back together and have a nice positive week next week.  Much better.

I think I've just about held it together this week, but my goodness, I have looked forward to this weekend.  It's only Saturday breakfast time, but already with an English muffin toasting as I type, a cup of tea beside me and the prospect of an afternoon of tea, biscuits and board games at a friend's housewarming, I feel MUCH better :D

Hope you all have lovely weekends too.  And if nothing else, it's good to remember that things will always perk up eventually.

Kisses xxx

P.S. In fact, on Friday morning before work, I ordered a load of scrapbooking stash from the internet to cheer myself up.  I haven't bought any new stash in quite a while, but it definitely made me feel a little bit better.  And now I can also look forward to its arrival!


  1. What a pretty page. Love it. Hope next week is better for you

  2. I love this page Kirsty! The layering is just perfect (and I loved seeing your step-by-step process), and the hand-cut title is just fab :) I'm sorry your week has been a little bit rubbish, I know exactly what you mean about it feeling like a victory just getting to Friday. You deserve a brilliant weekend :D xx
    P.S. Nothing like a bit of scrapbooking retail therapy to lift the spirits!

  3. A very pretty page! How clever to do your journalling like this too in little sections on a curve .... PS how can you not like coconut?

  4. As usual a page to inspire! I always love your style of scrapbook pages. So sorry you've been down this week, I know just how exhausting and life consuming teaching can be. Enjoy your weekend and start the new week refreshed and re-energised.

  5. Oh yes I had one of those week before last and amazingly it started to get better on Friday 13th! Lovely page.
    I tried to leave you a comment on your blueberry gin post - start saving Grolsch bottles for the finished product. Hope next week is heaps better for you.