Thursday, 5 September 2013

Blueberry Gin

So I thought I'd make blueberry gin.  A number of thought processes went into this, the most overwhelming of which is that blueberry gin is yummy.  And it's on my 'Things to do before I'm 30' list.  Then there were the discounted blueberries at the supermarket, the fact that it's always fun to try out new things and I've never made my own booze before (the university limoncello incident notwithstanding but we don't talk about that).

I got this recipe from a friend who has gifted me with a drop or two of this at various times and most recently at her beautiful wedding when little stoppered bottles were arranged on the tables for guests as favours. Although I think this is less a recipe and more of a formula.  I feel more like a brewer of potions and elixirs than a cook.  But whatever you call it, it's simple enough and goes a bit like this.

You will need...
1 litre (cheap) gin
400g blueberries, fresh or frozen
400g sugar

Mix them all together in a container.  If you're me at this point, you will suddenly realise that your container is not big enough and had to dash to the shops to see if they will sell you a container and return slightly flustered because you've ended up buying a cookie jar that isn't labelled with any sort of capacity that you just have to hope is big enough.

It is big enough.  Just. And it is watertight. Sort of.

Then shake it every day for a week to get everything nice and combined. After the first week, you can shake it once a week for about three months.  I started mine in the last week of August so it should just about be ready by December. At which point, you can strain it into nice clean bottles and make merry!

Perhaps I'll work on a few cocktail recipes for then :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. I don't know why some of the blueberries are suspended and some aren't.  I suspect it is to do with science.  Either that or it's like with mussels where you aren't supposed to eat the closed ones. Maybe you aren't supposed to make gin with the floating blueberries?

P.P.S. I'm sure it's fine :D

P.P.P.S. Aaaaaaand I've learned how to do something new!


  1. Will it taste a bit like sloe gin?...I hate 'normal' gin but love the sloe variety!
    Alison xx

  2. I love sloe gin too and I expect Blueberry gin will be even nicer because it is a fruit that can be eaten raw which I really don't recommend with sloes

  3. My friend makes sloe gin every year from the sloes growing in the hedge opposite her front door and gives bottle to my Mom (which I help her to drink obvs - it would be rude not to!). She tells me Grolsch bottles are good for the bottling stage.
    I've never heard of blueberry gin before. Floaters are most likely just a density thing - they may have some air bubbles trapped inside.
    Enjoy emptying the bottles to bottle it and then the product itself. Bet you come up with some uber creative labels.

  4. Yummy... Never tried blueberry gin but it does sound really good :D I can't wait to see the results and cocktail recipes sound fab! X

  5. I am thinking that this is the perfect pressie for my sisters..they are both Gin drinkers!! It looks very good....x

  6. Looks lovely - like others we have made sloe gin before ... Keep us posted! I have enjoyed your amusing writing too. Please do spill the beans about the limoncello ...

  7. Why n ot try the sous vide methiod. Basically the same ingredients but using a sous vide cooker. Put ingredients in a suitable zip-loc bag expel air [ irest the bag in a large soups bowl when filling. ] give it a good shake. Set the cooker at 70-725 for three hours - it's not critical so don'y worry if you go a bit over.. I allow the bags to cool in the cooker.. When cool drain through a sieve lines with -once again I use a couple of WHITE sterilised handkerchies into a clean glass or stable plastic container. Cover and allow to 'settle'' fo an hour or two in a fridge if poss. decanter off into suitable bottles -I find that empty medium vinegar bottles are OK. ans stand to settle for a couple of weeks though it's fine for drinking after a couple of days. I have found that all infused gins improve over time but some improve better than others. Sloe gin is probably the one that needs the most storing to be at it's bestbut even there I find 'sous vide'' admirably drinkable after a couple of weeks