Wednesday, 18 September 2013

mixing in the memorabilia

On 1st September I went to see West Side Story at Sadler's Wells.  It was AMAZING!  In fact I blogged about it here and it was definitely scrapworthy :D  However, I didn't have much in the way of photos to include.  What I did have was a little stack of memorabilia and one phone picture that I snapped when I saw the poster for the show on the tube.

Tickets and leaflets and so on are not always the prettiest items to work with.  While I think the West Side Story flier is striking, it's a bold colour combination, and frankly just isn't going to work on my pages.  Ditto the tickets are stark and slightly uninviting.  But I can NEVER bring myself to throw stuff like this away because it all forms part of the memory. (Like how I booked seat K9 because I thought it was funny. In fact I still do and it's a bit of an in-joke.  In fairness, I also booked seat K10 so I could sit next to the boyfriend)  So I set out to finally get using all the little bits and bobs I save and make them work on a page so that I still feel it looks like my kinda style.

I kicked off by making a little vellum pocket to slide the tickets into.  The vellum tones down the bright while of the tickets, and sewing the pocket just round three sides means I can slide them in and out easily.  With the tickets safely tucked away, I got down to a little layering action, and topped off the design with a couple of postmarks.  I snipped these off the envelope that the tickets arrived in.  They caught my eye as they were stamped very clearly and had the location of the show.

I trimmed down my background ledger paper and adhered it to a 12x12 sheet of kraft cardstock, leaving a 1/4'' border.  However, the ledger is only stuck down on three sides.  The fourth side (the one on the left) is open to leave a big pocket which holds the flier I picked up.  It's clipped on with an orange heart-shaped paper clip so it's not going to fall out, but I can still access it when I want to.  And while it's a striking advertisement, it's nice to have it hidden away so that it doesn't overwhelm the page.

I also tried playing about with the title a bit for this page.  I thought black letters would tie in nicely with the design, but didn't have anything in my stash that worked.  So I drew my own, borrowing lyrics from West Side Story, and with all due modesty, I totally LOVE how it worked out :D

All I had to do then was fill in the gaps around the title with my journalling.  I want to do this all the time!  Until I get bored and move on and find my next new favourite idea because I'm shallow and fickle etc.  But until then? All the time!  Hand lettering is totally the new Thickers.

And then I added a few gold stars. For puposes of theatricality, obviously :D

Combining these three slices of ephemera plus the photo I snapped from my phone led to the production of the full page you can see here.  And below, you can see how easy it is access the bits and pieces if you want to.  I actually loved doing this page.  I'm so glad that these memories will be safe in my album and that it's been worth saving the tickets and other items that I've cheerfully horded over the years.  

This is something I will definitely do over and over, especially as it was surprisingly easy to keep and include memorabilia that I wanted to hold on to, but didn't want to necessarily display all the time.

So I guess the only option I have now is to see more shows. So many more...

Kisses xxx

P.S. I've started doing Project Life 365, a photo-a-day challenge that I came across.  It seems quite cool, and I think it will be good to keep up with my learn-to-love-your-phone-camera project.  And obviously, the middle of September is a nice, sensible and logical time to start.


  1. I LOVE it!!!! This is so brilliant I already pinned it! Totally jealous of your handwriting talents!!!

  2. Oh, and now I have that song stuck in my head ;) Tonight, tonight....

  3. So instructive to see your process and hear your thinking as you made this lovely page. I am a great fan of things in pockets too and the vellum is a neat toning-down idea. Your hand lettering is ace!

  4. September is the most logical time of year to start a project like that. Enjoy.
    I really like the side opening, must try it instead of my top loading version.

  5. Brilliant. I love your style Kirsty. Also, thank you so much for the beautiful postcard from Cambodia. The stamps on it were amazing!

  6. I keep memorabilia but half the time I don't know how to put it on the page. Thanks for some ideas.
    PS. The title is absolutely fabulous!

  7. I love your hand written title - wish I had lovely handwriting like this!

  8. awesome layout, love love that title work! And now i'm off to rewatch the blu-ray of the show (cheaper than actually going to London for now!)

  9. Catching up on blog posts after a busy week and I LOVE this! I absolutely love how you managed to include the memorabilia so well, I always collect loads of tickets and brochures, so this has given me lots of ideas on how to use them :D Particularly love the idea of clipping the flyer behind the layout. Brilliant! And you need to teach me to do that gorgeous hand-lettering :D xx

  10. Super cool hand drawn title!

  11. Great ideas for using memorabilia to make a page...fab page-and I want to be able to hand-letter like that too!
    Alison xx

  12. I love to see how you make your writing flow through the page. A great layout x

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