Friday 6 September 2013

South Bank Summer

Summer is really drawing to a close isn't it? I can tell because the light is fading fast from the sky in the evenings. There is mist across the rugby field when I arrive at school in the morning. And with the back-to-school era in full swing, everything has suddenly become very busy.

But I just wanted to record a few thoughts on the summer before it fades from memory.

I love London more with each new adventure.  Even when they're quiet ones; memories of drinks shared when perched on the wall by the Thames, good food in good pubs, sprawling in a deckchair and pilfering the National Theatre's free Wifi to do a bit of work.

In fact deck chairs have featured a lot as they've sprung up along the South Bank of the river.  And other things have popped up too; little bars serving pink gin lemonade, iced and refreshing, little vans doling out salsa and tortillas to nibble on, and friends to laze around and chat with as though the whole world will wait for us.  I can sit happily for hours reading and watching life walk by.

But the sun invariably sets and the lights start to twinkle on and we have to make a dash to catch the last tube home.  I've found myself needing to pull a cardie out of my bag.  This week I have enjoyed what I fear may have been the summer's final barbecue and so optimistically filled my burger with lettuce, coleslaw, tortilla chips, salsa and coleslaw.  Great as a combo, if you're wondering.

But while that South Bank summer has been heavenly, I can't help hoping that Autumn will also be a winner.  Snuggling into theatre seats as the stage lights go up, thinking about making soup and hot chocolate, pulling out scarves and sturdier shoes and inhaling crisp, cold air.

Kisses xxx

P.S. As I persevere with Instagram, I am enjoying it more.  There are still irritations occastionally, but as long as I don't enlarge the pictures too much, I'm pleased with them.

P.P.S. Lesson for the day: Salsa burger for the win!


  1. That salsa burger looks so good! I'm glad you are enjoying IG. I struggled with the size issue too at first but now edit my photos out of instagram so I upload those straight off my phone before instagram reduces the image quality.

  2. I am loving your Instagram pictures recently Kirsty! You use the A Beautiful Mess app so well. I still get annoyed with the quality issue sometimes on Instagram too. By the way, the burger looks YUM, as does the mojito. X

  3. it looks mouthwatering!! I just found you on IG...I'm newish to it and love looking at all the photos designs.