Wednesday, 16 October 2013

layered carrot cake

One of my missions to complete before I turn 30 was to make a multi-coloured layer cake.  So I did!

I love the look of these cakes, but I wanted to make something with a bit more flavour than a standard sponge cake.  So I decided to make autumnal-coloured carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing.

I used this recipe by Mary Berry but I made a couple of changes.  First, I used on and a half times the quantities given, to make 3 layers instead of two.  Then I added ginger (lots), cinnamon (lots), nutmeg and cloves to my own personal taste, instead of the recommended mixed spice. One the cake batter was mixed, I split it into three and added yellow, orange and red gel food colouring respectively.  The red was very effective, the orange and yellow less so.  So I added a bit of red into the orange layer.  The cake has a lovely golden brown colour by itself, so the colour needed to be quite strong.

Finally, I adapted the frosting by adding LOADS more icing sugar and quite a healthy dose of cinnamon.  I wish I'd made slightly more as I was running a bit short by the time I came to ice  the sides of the cake.  It looks like an apprentice plasterer did the icing.  And apprentice plasterer who is about to be told to give up because they'll never make it as a plasterer. 

But it tasted good! Really good, but as it's a Mary Berry recipe, I expect nothing less :D And the pictures don't show how monumentally HUGE it is.  One slice could feed 6, and that's from yours truly who is a firm believer in big portions when it comes to cake. I kept it in the fridge, mainly to keep the icing reasonably firm, and it lasted a good week without drying out.  YUM.

So ambition achieved!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Little news flash: I've now spent so much more time playing with project life cards on non-project life pages that I've completely abandoned m project life project plan.  It's just not for me.  So I'll share some layouts soon and stick to working with those lovely little cards that way!


  1. Shouldn't have looked as I am now very hungry for cake!!! :) Looks awesome AND delicious!

  2. oh yum. looking at your photos is making me so hungry for cake!! It looks lovely.

    p.s. I also have decided that project life is not a good fit for me. I miss regular layouts when I work with the divided page protectors! It's nice to hear some one else say it out loud.

    p.p.s. I found the pocket-scrapping approach to be effective, however, when I did a photo-a-day project for my daughter's first year of life. I had no opportunity, between a new baby and a move from one state to another, to do "regular" scrapbooking, and it allowed me to capture so many wonderful details that I'd otherwise have missed. I reserve the "right" to go back on my word if I have another kid...but only for that child's first year ;-)

  3. Mouth-wateringly scrumptious. Do you do home deliveries? Fascinated to read you've given up the PL and looking forward to seeing more of,your layouts.

  4. That is a wonderful looking cake, I adore carrot cake and that looks stunning, well done on adapting Mary's recipe, I'm sure she would be fine with that ;)

    I shall look forward to seeing your layouts.

  5. I have been catching up with your posts and for the record loved your PL pages. I also love your LO's generally so can't wait to see how you combine the cards on those! That cake looks so yummy. Mary Berry is always a winner.

  6. This cake looks AMAZING! A good and substance... I think I've been watching too my Bake Off! The multi-coloured layered finish is gorgeous.
    I've also been catching up on your PL spreads, and I just love how they turned out, but I totally understand your decision to just use the little cards on full layouts. I do wonder how people manage to do PL on a weekly basis! Thanks for sharing your experiment :D xx