Monday, 14 October 2013

project life the second

This Project Life spread takes me up to the 6th October.  It covers an evening with a friend doing cake, dinner and a film (logical order), Friday post-school pub and Guides, cake making and crafting, a weekend to-do list and Sunday brunch at the Diner.

So I've almost done a week.  Hmmm... and it's virtually half way through the month...  Here are a few thoughts then on the epic amount of progress that I have made. 

 I don’t know how anyone keeps up with this on a week by week basis!  I find it hard to fit in at random moments here and there and I’m just experimenting for one month!  If you’re doing this regularly, you have earned my respect, my friend.  

As expected, I do feel I’m giving up my regular scrapping time to do this.  Right now I don’t see myself doing this for longer.  

 I LOVE the little cards.  They are AWESOME.  But I also think it’s telling that I’ve been picking out my favourites to use on 12x12 scrapping.  So I think I will continue to pick up the odd kit of 3x4 and 4x6 project life cards, but I will be putting them to splendid use on pages.

I like doing 3x4 pockets more than 6x4 ones.

 Did I mention that the little cards are SO GOOD?

I don’t feel I’m really recording much more in the way of stories. I often write down little anecdotes anyway, so all I’m doing is spending a bit more time making them pretty in an album.  But I’ve found myself doing quite a few bits and bobs on the project life spreads simply documenting “and then we went to the pub” or “and then I had a cup of tea and it was brilliant”.  I keep a record of what I do in my diary, so I’m not sure I’m getting ay more value from putting it in Project Life.     Am I glad I’m doing it?  Yes.  Because, y’know, the little cards.  But I also think doing this has made me appreciate my 12x12 more and want to make more pages about little things.  So definitely lots of positive outcomes :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Lastly, a question.  I've got to a point with PL where there are events I want to make big pages about.  I don’t want to leave it out of PL as it’s part of the week and helps put the month into some sort of chronological perspective, but I feel weird then duplicating some of the stuff.  What do other Project Lifers do in this situation?


  1. I'm not a Project Lifer, but my friend is (of sorts), she tends to have the PL pages, and then a couple of layouts on key events and then creates a mini album / book to cover a specific topic, if she has lots to scrap about. She does have a lot of time on her hands!

    Love your blog, so very pretty!!!

  2. I record the everyday in my PL album and if I think a particular bit merits a scrapbook page in its own right, it gets one. The page then usually goes in to our 2013 album. Although sometimes it might be for The Boy Child's album and our holiday to Florida this summer has an album of its own, too!
    I agree that PL does eat in to general scrapping time ~ I haven't found a suitable solution yet!

  3. It his is my first year of doing PL so I'm certainly no expert, but I have recorded certain things in my PL album on a quick, get it in, sort of way and then scrapped a 12x12 or even a mini book on a more important event.

  4. Why not include your 12x12 inside PL. I know that there is 12x12 PL pockets

  5. Your pages look fab :-)
    I did PL in 2012 traditionally: all pockets and detailing the little things and referencing the big things. The big things went onto 12x12's in another album. I wasn't sure about this although I loved the PL better. In 2013 I put it all together, some of it goes in pockets and some is 12x12, they link together and although it can be harder to make it 'fit', the pocket pages need to be filled before moving into a 12x12 that goes but I am pleased with how it has turned out and also that I have it all in one place, can do the pocket thing and make 12x12's too.

  6. It's been really interesting to read your observations about PL versus a diary - I have been hovering in and out of this too. But your page is indeed visually lovely! As to how to combine, if it were me, I would just keep it all in one album. But then, I like simple ...

  7. I have done two separate years of photo-a-day projects using Project Life products. For the larger events, I have done two things to include them within my album(s): 1) create "regular" 12x12 layouts and insert them in the album within the corresponding week. 2) create inserts using pocket pages (I preferred my inserts to always be shorter in width than the main pocket pages for the week).

    I have also made mini-albums--on top of the documentation in the photo-a-day project. That is, I included one photo for each day in the main album, then made a completely separate mini-album for the event. There usually aren't inserts for those big weeks (though I should probably add a note somewhere within the week of day-by-day photos that there is a whole separate project covering the event.


  8. Great to see and hear your take on PL! I'm a sort-of monthly PL-er, but I'm pretty relaxed about timescales. I also love the 3x4 cards, but there's no way I could keep up with this weekly. So I pick the monthly highlights, and usually do a double-page spread, and sometimes add inserts (or more pages) if it's busier. For big events, I either include them in inserts, or I'll do a quick overview then put the rest in a separate mini album or photo book.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your layouts!

    PS Earl Grey is the best... definitely my favourite. :)

  9. It's looking very light and bright. Love the split photo idea on the Life is Beautiful card. I know I would have the same time issue which is why I've never attempted it. It would be a good way of doing LSNED or JYC though. I think I read some PL and 12X12 scrapper say that they have a reference in the PL to the bigger page. Why ask Melissa Stinson (aka Scrappyjedi) she does both awesomely.

  10. I do not do Project Life but I have been tempted many, many times... right now I do My Month in Numbers in pocket style but that's one spread a month. I really liked reading about your thoughts on this type of scrapbooking... I feel like I am missing recording the "little things" by not doing PL but will remember your idea of using that feeling towards nice big pages about little things :) Merci!