Sunday 13 October 2013

project life update

This is my first Project Life spread!  It documents the first few days of October from welcoming Autumn, popping out for a post-work pizza, and the conker saga.

I tend to think in terms of single pages even for Project Life.  I know it's more usual to do a double page spread for a week, but I don't want to have to fill out a quiet week or contract a fuller week, so I'm just going to go page by page.

It took longer than I thought and I think I'm still finding my way with it.  I do like working with the little Project Life cards, and Instagram prints make the perfect size photos.  Score!

Kisses xxx

P.S. More soon :D


  1. project Life can be whatever you want it to be ~ that's the beauty of it. I think you've created a lovely first week spread.

  2. And I am amazed how much you have fitted in - lots of story-telling!

  3. This looks like a version of PL I could manage: no "obligation" on doing a spread per week, just fill it up as time passes - like a diary. :)