Thursday 7 November 2013

a long weekend in prague

We caught trains across Europe to the Czech Republic and spent the most wonderful few days in Prague.  It was the most amazing trip and a perfect way to end half term.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Something to scrap for November!  Happy mulled wine season :D

Friday 1 November 2013

him & me

I've been seeing my boyfriend for just over nine months now, but I haven't really scrapbooked about him at all; initially I wanted to see if our first few dates would turn into a relationship.  I hoped they would but didn't want to tempt fate!  I journalled about our early dates and then put that journalling aside for later. Over the last month or two, I started to read back over that journalling and there's a lot of good scrapbooking material there!

This page documents the transition from the awkward, clumsy explanations and phrases like 'he's-this-guy-I've-been-seeing' to the much simpler 'he's-my-boyfriend'.

Most of this page is again constructed from project life cards that I ordered from Studio Calico.  They often have a good selection from a range of designers and they're all very usable.  I particularly love this set called Taylor's Card set; I think if I had my own bespoke set designed, they couldn't be any more perfect (they even have square corners!!!!)

I'm putting little pegs on everything at the moment.  I can't get enough of little pegs.  In fact, I had a pack delivered to school (saves a trip to the post office to collect packages) and then took them to my classes that day to show my students.  Who were all resoundingly unimpressed; what on earth did I want tiny pegs for?  I told them it was to peg out my tiny washing.  It seemed simpler than trying to explain scrapbooking.

I also tried a new method of incorporating the date and a short sentence of journalling into the border by writing in one continuous line, connecting the words as I went and then just continuing into the hand-drawn border.  It was fun! Note to self: do this again.

So now all I need is an endless supply of pretty cards and mini pegs and I think I could be happy for life.  Could little pegs be the new paperclips?

Kisses xxx

P.S. I knew I was onto a winner on our first date when, for reasons that are not clear to me, I was expressing my fondness for paper trimmers.  He not only agreed, but shared his appreciation of the ones that cut crinkly edges.