Sunday 9 February 2014

and another date

The boyfriend and I have been together for just over a year now.  Yay!  And I've been thinking back to our first few dates.  I never scrapbooked them but I did write about them in just in case I wanted to look back on those thoughts some day.  Well, it turns out now that I do want to look back on those early dates, and so I've made a page about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th times that we went out together.

I thought you've probably had enough of seeing those little while envelopes on every single project I make lately.  So to really mix things up and take things in a completely different direction, y'know, creatively speaking, I have had a real re-think and come up with an entirely new concept.  

Vellum envelopes.

OK, there's still a hand-cut title, a camera makes an appearance and I've decorated with little wood veneer hearts and ink platters.  And the journaling is on little cards you can pull and and read.  But vellum envelopes are obviously NOTHING LIKE paper envelopes.  You can see through them!  So you can see the writing through three of them and the confetti I filled the fourth one with. Whole new look.  Clearly.

OK, so nothing's really changed, but I am still completely in love with letter-writing style and the amount of journalling I can fit in the envelopes finally allows me to ramble on at length without any worries about whether or not it will all fit in the space.  By the way, there are now 4 envelopes on this page.  2 envelopes no longer satisfy my addiction. Meanwhile, I cut flowers out of one of the last bits of Sassafras paper I have.  I miss Sassafras!

On the plus side, I very much like the more muted pieces in Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party for American Crafts.  Lots of patterned paper goodness.  I would like some more!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Drama this morning involving a flooded basement car park, a fire engine, burst pipes and the water being turned off.  I had enough in the kettle for one cup of tea, but I'm down to blueberry gin now...


  1. Another inspirational page. Can't wait to see what you come up with after drinking blueberry gin in place of water!

  2. Love the layering and journaling. Beautiful page!

  3. amazing layers..I'm with you on the motorbike (dh has one..hehe!). Who knew your blueberry gin would be a life saver xx

  4. Wow gorgeous page! I like that you've changed direction with vellum! So nice that you recorded the memories and can come back to them.

  5. A fabulous page and certainly one to look back on. Any chance of a tutorial on how you layer up the envelopes so that they don't end up looking like one large bulky mess, please?

  6. Just stunning ... Your style never fails to wow me.

  7. Hello, I've just popped over from Shimelles blog. I love your page. And I am very firmly in the more is more and can never have too much of a good thing camp - so sure your admirable envelope usage - and paper and vellum are completely and totally different things :)
    Good luck with the water - I wouldn't try and make tea from the gin though ...
    Carrie xoxoxox

  8. just found your blog through your post at Shimelle's and I am in love with your layouts. I understand your "Problem" with envelopes, I have a similar one with butterflies. and with tags as well. nobody is perfect.

  9. Wow - I LOVE this Kirsty, a really gorgeous page with beautiful hand-cutting and lots of super little details. Vellum envelopes are super...and obviously completely different to paper envelopes!! Good luck with the water/flooding issue, thank God for blueberry gin! x

    1. And congrats on your one year anniversary with your boyfriend :D