Thursday 20 February 2014

enter the mirror maze

In Prague we had great fun poking around in the mirror maze - it's a bit like a Hall of Selfie Opportunities!  It was one of those labyrinthine places that has the mirrors placed at cunning angles convincing you that you can step forward into a space only to find yourself smacking into a mirror that is tilted so that your reflection doesn't appear until it's too late.  As I said: lots of fun! 

I wanted the page to reflect the mirror aspect.  Partly because I just made a frankly obvious yet terrifically amusing pun by employing my sharp wit and razor intellect on the interplay between the words 'mirror' and 'reflect'.  But mainly because I wanted to try my hand at backwards writing.  Not 100% convinced by the result as it keeps making me look twice, as though it's backwards.  Which I suppose it is.

Never mind.  Things can never be too bad when you have an envelope to play with.  Huzzah!

I also wanted to incorporate the maze idea by using little arrows as embellishment.  I cut them out of a sheet of patterned paper and popped some of them up on foam.  BOOM! Dimension.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I love half term!


  1. can't quite tell how I ended up here, like your work a lot! we have a few things in common, I am also a teacher, an English teacher, and I aslo love London. Unfortunately I live on the other side of the CHannel, but we have Amsterdam, not the same , but it will do the trick!

  2. Love it again! I love your the little notes layouts a lot :)

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