Sunday 2 February 2014

the happenings of january

I can't help feeling that 2014 is disappearing awfully quickly!  But January has been busy and full of lovely things and while they won't all get scrapbooked, I would like them all to be remembered.  I've been making more of an effort to collect ephemera as I go: business cards and tickets, leaflets and postcards, anything free that will remind me where I went and what I did.  And now the month is over, I've collected it all together to keep.

My new method for saving ephemera works like this: everything I've collected this month has gone into an envelope.  (Envelopes? Really? More envelopes?  Yes, I say, many more envelopes).  I've discarded things that are bigger than 6x4, or trimmed them down to keep the important bits.  Then I've drawn out a little calendar page for January on a 6x4 piece of white cardstock and I will match each ticket and card to the appropriate date, jotting them in on the calendar. Then it all goes into the envelope and I wrote the month on the front.  Simple, effective, memorable.  

It really didn't take long to put together which is a bonus because it doesn't eat into my scrapping time.  Some of the things in the envelope have already been scrapped about, some will never get scrapped, and some are waiting; a little reminder that there is something I can come back to and another story I can tell.

And so begins another month.  So far, I like this system.  I hope I can keep it up!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Off to brunch in London with my brother now.  Note to self: grab a business card for my February envelope....


  1. Glad you've found a system that works for have such an interesting life, by the looks of all those tickets and cards!
    Alison xx

  2. Cool system. I just put mine in a pile all ready
    Jo x

  3. I like that system a lot. I agree with Alison it looks like you have had such a fun month!

  4. A simple, yet very effective, idea. You certainly do appear to have had an excellent January.

  5. Looks both lovely and effective. Hoping February will be as much fun!

  6. I like this idea. My ephemera gets scattered and consequently cannot be found when the photos get scrapped. It does, however, turn up sometime not long after the page is finished.