Wednesday, 23 April 2014

london love: pub boat

Ever since last summer, the Boyfriend and I have been saying that we'd go for a drink on the Pub Boat.  Moored just down the river Thames from the Houses of Parliament, it provides a lovely spot to soak up the sunshine and the atmosphere.  And the Pimm's.  You can imagine how busy it gets; as soon as the sun peeps out, pasty, Londoners perk up and head for the river. However, the Easter school holiday gave us an opportunity; while most workers were working, we donned sunglasses and beat the evening crowd for an afternoon on deck.  Perfect.

Nipping below deck to get in another round at the bar and exploring boat's interior was delightful.  It's the sort of place where I could happily play musical chairs and take turns sitting in all the different chairs, sofas and benches.  I bet it's actually pretty cosy in winter too.

It did get a little chilly eventually.  But to have the first Pimm's of the year in April isn't bad going and we hopped off the boat to discover a waiting hot chocolate vendor.  Not so chilly any more.

Kisses xxx

P.S. They also had the most fantastic scrapbook worthy business cards. Which reminds me that it's really called Tamesis Dock.  But we just call it Pub Boat; it's more descriptive.

P.P.S. The cardds had boats on! I took two :D

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