Saturday, 19 July 2014

500 snaps of summer: afternoon tea

I promised that I would share a little more about the lovely afternoon tea we had at the hen party.  She chose to go to Bea's of Bloomsbury, and the spread they laid on was really wonderful!  Instead of the usual finger sandwiches, we had tiny baguettes of delicious, crusty bread and a variety of fillings.  The cake selection speaks for itself!

While they did not actually provide umbrellas, they were fortunately in the guests' goody bags and we were able to improvise. We kept up appearances by drinking the tea with pinkies properly extended (another wedding challenge) and there were teapots of every hue for us to play and pose with!

Delicious, a lovely place and a great way to pass an afternoon!
Kisses xxx
P.S. With 5 more pictures for #500snapsofsummer, I have now taken 28 and so have 472 to go...


  1. I have been following this series of photos Kirsty. They are all so beautiful and it looks like you had so much fun at both hen parties. That tea place looks like my idea of heaven! I love a pretty coloured tea pot!

  2. Great shots love wedding piccys