Monday 28 July 2014

500 snaps of summer: family portraits

We arrived somewhat early for our afternoon tea at the Ritz. It was a lovely day so we took a little stroll in Green Park to while away the time.  Just wanted to clarify that we don't normally dress like this to go to the park.  I had my trusty camera out for a few family photos, this one with the camera on the ground in self timer mode.  I like this angle in photos and use it a lot, but ever so many people do offer to take the picture for me.  I never know what the correct response to this kindly-meant offer is: explaining that you like the perspective and that the narrow depth of field blurs out the foreground takes a long time and people lose interest.  Saying no thanks seems a bit rude when you're crouched on the floor pressing your face into the gravel to see through the viewfinder and make sure the focus is correct.  People have offered to take pictures for me quite a bit over the past few days.  I may just have to start letting them take one and then when they're completely gone, take one the way I want it.  I'm picky about my pictures.

Green Park is quite lovely in the sunshine.  And if you eat too much at afternoon tea, not that I would do that sort of thing, then it's nice to stroll around.

Kisses xxx

P.S. That's another batch of photos for #500snapsofsummer: with another 8 taken, my total comes to 90 down and 410 still to go.

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