Sunday, 20 July 2014

500 snaps of summer: hen party photo shoot

A hen do is, in my opinion, a perfect photoshoot opportunity.  And as I just happened to have my camera on hand, and as I just happened to drag the whole party to the Royal Albert Hall to pose on the steps, it seemed silly not to exploit the opportunity.  I had provided the Bride with a disposable 'Bride Cam' to use up the for the day, challenging her to use it wisely. As I know she love snapping away and posing as much as I do, I also issued a few photo-based challenges.  She had to arrange everyone into a group shot - an awesome group shot - in order to complete her goal. While we began with some lacklustre jazz hands, the group soon warmed up and did indeed get some awesome group shots!  Challenge very much complete!

Kisses xxx
P.S. The total for #500snapsofsummer keeps going up and up!  This takes me to 34 taken with 466 still to go.

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  1. And very cute you all look too with your spotty headbands. You look as though you had a good time.