Wednesday, 16 July 2014

500 snaps of summer: weddings

This might seem an unusual photo for a post labelled weddings, but stick with it...

Over the last two weekends, I have attended a hen party of one very close friend, organised the hen party of another, and attended the wedding of the first.  As the official photographer.  I am so unbelievably happy for these women who I feel lucky to count among my best friends, and I look forward to attending the second wedding at the weekend. It's been a wonderful, whirlwind fortnight and I am very excited to share a few pictures here. It goes without saying that I wish a lifetime of happiness for both couples.
So: to business.  Hen Party number one.  Organsied by the bride herself as she is someone who knows exactly who she is and exactly what she wants.  And she also organises a fabulous weekend while she's at it.

And element of healthy (or lethal) competition is important bewteen friends.  So of course in the morning we had a go at archery - harder than it looks and I somehow got worse - and an assault course.  Full of mud.  Mud, teamwork and competition!

So when you're exhilrated and tired and grubby, you want three things: a shower, afternoon tea and a drink.  And that's exactly what our bride had prepared for us. Pimm's was in abundance, and properly gushing with fruit and the tea flowed freely with a perfect array of sanwiches and cake.

Once tea was complete, it was time to assume character for an evening of murder and mystery and dressing like a Roman.  Armed with my trusty tunic (which I knocked up at midnight the evening before out of 2 pillowcases) I transformed into chariot racer Speedius Ryder and we spent the evening investigating a most suspicious death over nibbles which culminated in a Roman banquet.

Sadly in my dash from setting the camera on the floor to self-time to being in the photo, my sandles collapsed around my ankles.  You'll have to imagine them in: they were impressive.
It was a wonderful weekend, and I loved catching up with friends.  We laughed until the tiny little hours of the morning, entertained a lady from Ann Summers who arrived with her 'box of tricks' to amuse us and collapsed exhausted into bed. Truly fantastic :D
Kisses xxx
P.S. This increases my 500 snaps of summer count with 12 complete and only 488 to go.  Instagram and Tweet with #500snapsofsummer if you want to play along!

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