Monday, 7 July 2014

500 snaps of summer

Two and half more weeks of school; still working hard and breaking in new bridesmaid shoes.

Summer is here!  While there are still a couple of weeks left in the school term, the fact that it is a) July and b) sunny make me think of all sorts of lovely summery thoughts.  And the fact that I have finally finished writing reports and references for my students (297 in total) certainly helps.

I want to celebrate and embrace summer and record some wonderful memories.  So I have set myself a challenge.  Over the summer, during the months of July and August, I am going to take photos.  Lots of photos.  In fact, my goal is to take, sort and share 500 photographs that I really love which represent my summer.

Welcome to 500 snaps of summer.

500 good pictures might sound like a lot, and it is, but I wanted to genuinely challenge myself.  And with weddings, hen parties, Guide events, festivals, family, friends and all of London at my disposal, I feel ready to meet it.

I LOVE my camera.  And I miss it when I don’t have it and I miss having pictures that I can look back on.  So my beautiful camera will be going everywhere with me for the next 2 months and together we will capture the summer. As I blog the pictures, I will also aim to add a few musings where appropriate, and journal as I go.

If you’d like to join in, by all means do!  Share your summer!  You don’t have to take 500 pictures, but if you take a few pictures and are sharing them, whether on a blog, or Instagram or Pinterest, I’d love to see and draw inspiration, so let me know!

Kisses xxx

P.S. I also like the idea of collecting them altogether to look at, so I’m going to start adding them to a Pinterest board. You can find it here!

P.P.S. That's 2 down, and 498 to go.


  1. I think this is a motivating idea and I will remember it as i travel because even with all digital i still could take more "just for fun" photos. Actually i need to look through your archives as I am looking for a recommendation for an afternoon tea while we'll be visiting London for two days in a couple of weeks! Very excited about that! My kids have never been and last time i went i was in my teens!!!

  2. I love this idea. Can't wait to see your photos! =)

  3. I love this idea. My big camera has just died and I am devastated and hope to get some kind of alternative soon!

  4. Sounds like a great idea.....good luck.

  5. You'll have a great collection of pictures by the end of it, I'm sure)
    I'm forgetting my camera at home almost every time now, but I'm doing #99daysofsummer on instagram (I thought I made up that tag, but it turned out there were about hundred photos before.. oh)