Sunday, 27 July 2014

time for tea

Pretty wildflowers in jars added the perfect decoration to a friend's wedding, and guests were encouraged to take them home!

It's the summer holiday! And my goodness, I have such a lot to share.  July has been a whirlwind month with the scramble to get everything done at school, 2 hen parties and 2 weddings (one as photographer, and one as a bridesmaid in Poland), films, theatre, visits to the Ritz and the seaside, having the family to stay and TONS of pictures taken.

Sorry, I've started wittering already.  Do have a cup of tea; I'll make a pot as it will last a bit longer.  Then I'll start at the beginning and try and tell things in the right order. Can I tempt you with a chocolate?  I've been very kindly given a number of boxes by students for the end of the year! There were some home-made biscuits, they've all gone. Oops.

The embroidered world map is now nearly complete; just the top of Canada left.

The end of this school year was unlike any I've had so far, as in September I will not be going back.  In January, I got a job at a different school as after 5 years, it seems like time to move on.  So it wasn't just goodbye for the summer, it was goodbye.  I will be sad to lose such lovely colleagues and such entertaining pupils and they gave me some lovely cards and gifts which I will really treasure.

It doesn't quite seem real though.  End of term always seems to happen at such a manic pace, and there are such  lot of exciting things to look forward to in the summer that I'm not sure it will seem real until the end of the holiday when I find myself standing in an entirely new classroom, wondering where the pens are and how to find the staffroom.

2 handstitched patchwork pillows complete (one final hem notwithstanding) and a knitting project started

What are your plans for the summer; have you got some time off?  Do you enjoy the warmer weather?  I love to be outside when it's nice, but I do hope that there will be the occasional rainy day so that I can sit inside and craft.  It seems silly not to take advantage of the little bit of summer we do get when it's here.

I'm not going to share all my plans for summer now as I'm working on my summer photography challenge.  500 Snaps of Summer is really motivating me to take more pictures and to blog and write more about my experiences.  I love having the camera about and capturing bits and pieces, so if you want to find out what I'm doing, you'll have to be patient!  And even though it may seem that with only 76 blogged, I'm not going to make it, I actually have another 50 or so waiting in the wings.  Now that it's the holiday, there's even more time to take photos! Are you planning to get the camera out over the summer?

The yarn is lovely; made from wool and cashmere and knits into beautiful, soft, lacy designs

Well that's the end of the pot, but I'm going to make another one; we're not in a hurry and I want to hear about your plans.  Have you got any projects on the go?  Any summer goals you want to achieve?  I feel inspired when the sun shines and I want to hear all about your plans!

If you want to share a cup of virtual tea with other corners of the internet, head over to Abi at Creating Paper Dreams.  The tea posts were her lovely idea and you can find lots of bloggers to sit down with.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Actually with another 6 pictures accounted for, I'm now up to 82 of my #500snapsofsummer taken with a mere 418 left to go!


  1. Happy summer holidays. Thank you for the cuppa and choccies.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely catch up. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the idea of wildflowers in jam jars. Such a sweet idea. Best of luck with your new job. The first week in a new place is always manic but I'm sure you will find your feet quickly.
    Did you make that world map embroidery yourself. It is beautiful. Also, at some point do you think i could pick your brains about teacher training etc?!

    Thank you for stopping for tea with me again. xxx

  3. So pleased you've nearly finished your map! Have a wonderful summer break and good luck in the new job in September x

  4. Lovely catchup. Weddings are always a splendid summer treat - I'm looking forward to one this fall for my niece. Enjoy August!

  5. You have been busy, good luck with your new job and capturing the rest of those photos x