Thursday, 28 August 2014

bar on the jetty

Tuesday evening saw me heading along the Greenwich Peninsula (I made an unfortunate typo there first time round.) I headed at a reasonable pace along the Thames towards an old industrial jetty which used to take coal deliveries from the ships that came up the Thames.  I was hurrying because I was late to meet a friend, not because I was expecting a coal delivery.  And one of the things I absolutely cannot stand is lateness, especially in myself.  

Greenwich Jetty is currently home to an immersive theatre production (which I have yet to sample, but aim to in the next month) and a pop-up bar to provide libations for all the theatre goers.  In our case, it was just a cool bar made from shipping containers with a mysterious-looking, light up sign.  It meant we could sit on crates and palettes jutting out over the river and have a good catch up while the cable cars drifted overhead and the tide went out.  It meant we could wrap up in free blankets as it got darker, and sip our drinks, and that we could have an entertaining sojourn on a hammock.  I love a good hammock.  It was an unusual location for an evening drink, but a fun one!

On a health-and-safety note, do remember to only go out at sensible times.  Not when the Bake Off is on for instance, as you will miss ALL THE DRAMA.  Today I've had communications from friends in Singapore and Alaska, and whether east or west, both parties had heard of the drama.  No one can get wound up about cake like the British.

Kisses xxx

P.S. These 8 photos take the #500snapsofsummer collection up to 338.  That leaves 162 left ...

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