Monday, 25 August 2014

clueing for looks at the sherlockathon

It's a predictably rainy bank holiday weekend and therefore the best thing to do is huddle defiantly inside insisting that you didn't want to go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine anyway. Having established that I would be cowering - defiantly cowering - indoors, it seemed only fitting to haul some friends out of their respective indoors and gather them for a Sherlockathon.  That's right!  I now have all three series of the BBC's glorious adaption of the Sherlock Holmes stories and I proposed a long night of DVDs, munching, chatter and shameless manipulation of props that I had left over from a London Underground themed party where I had to dress up as Baker Street tube station.  But that's another story. Meanwhile: friends, food, a high-functioning fictional sociopath, and a few photos.

And tea.  Never forget the tea if you expect to be able to say up until five in the morning.  And note to self: get a corkscrew. It is a little embarrassing to offer guests a glass of wine in between the copious mugs of tea, only to discover that you don't have any means of opening the bottle.  While we managed perfectly well with my hammer and screwdriver, creatively parting the cork from the bottle and only splashing the kitchen and one guest mildly, it's just not Good Manners.

Second note to self: one day get a larger sofa.  Mine is designed for two, can actually seat three, but guest four will invariably end up on the floor.  Elementary.

 Anyway, four episodes of Sherlock watched (too much chatting in the back!), lots of munching accomplished, many teas brewed and large sleep deficit generated. A lovely night in. Take that, rainy weather.

Kisses xxx

P.S.  Another 6 photos to add to the #500snapsofsummer total bringing it up to 317.  So that's 183 left to take...

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  1. Oh this sounds like great fun! Was this the adaptation with Benedict Cumberbatch? I am such a fan. Although I made the mistake of watching the hound of the baskervilles for the first time curled up in a friends room at uni at midnight. The scariest thing! Tea was needed and called for!