Sunday, 31 August 2014

getting crafty

It's been one of those weeks where plans haven't quite worked out.  Three days out that were planned have fallen through, sometimes at the last minute, and there's no one to blame because sometimes that's how life works out.  So I've done some pouting, but that got dull quite quickly.  And so I've tried to turn frustratingly cancelled days out into productive, crafty days in and I've really enjoyed relaxing with a project or two.  And by planning in a few exciting things for the evenings and weekends to come, there is still plenty on the cards to look forward to.  

Progress is still continuing on my giant map project.  I think when it's done, I'll put together a full series of photos showing it come together. I've been working on it since January and it feels good to see how far it's come even though there have been some frustrating moments with it.

I've also been doing a bit of knitting this summer, because the best time to get back into knitting is when it's very warm, obviously.  I've learned to knit lacy patterns and add beads to my work, and I'm hoping to have a new shawl or two to keep my neck cosy in autumn.

That's all for now.  I still have some photos from the summer that I haven't shared yet, but it's safe to acknowledge that I am quite far short of the goal.  So instead of using my camera just for July and August, I'm going to allow myself to continue to take my photos for #500snapsofsummer right up until 21st September, which will technically be the end of summer according to the calendar. I'll do a bit of a progress report next week.

Kisses xxx

P.S. That's another 13 photos for #500snapsofsummer, which means that so far I've taken 364 and have 136 left to take.

P.P.S. Exercise24: 3 hours and 37 minutes.  Thank you so much to all the people who left their tips for motivation.  I will definitely try them out!


  1. I can't wait to hear/see more about your map project and that blue knitting project with the pearl looks so promising!!!!

  2. that map! such an awesome project!! and that shawl is looking good too, i'm working on two at the moment for the cold days to come!