Wednesday 27 August 2014

time for tea and a little baking

If we were meeting for tea now, I would invite you into my flat and bundle you inside, commenting that I am terribly distressed by how appallingly the weather has worked out for the last week of the summer holiday.  Let's just say that there will be considerably fewer picnics than I imagined!  However, the upside of a damp bank holiday weekend is that I have been experimenting in the kitchen.  So take a seat on the sofa and I'l get the kettle on and the biscuits out.  They're ginger and white chocolate; a recipe I make over and over again as it's both fool-proof and delicious.

How has your summer been?  I hope you've been able to have a bit of free time.  I've had a wonderful time!  I sometimes hear from pupils at school, and even teachers, that they get bored in the holidays, but I cannot imagine how that could be the case when there's so much to do.  I suspect they aren't crafters! I've been getting stuck into a few different projects this week while the weather is disappointing, and I'm really enjoying knitting at the moment.  I like the feel of really soft yarn in my hands and the satisfaction of watching a pattern slowly emerge.  I'm working on my giant map too, and I have lots of new projects in mind to decorate the flat.

I've largely had a staycation this year, aside from a brilliant week in Edinburgh for the Fringe.  However, there's something about London that makes me feel like I'm on holiday even though I've lived here for five years.  The city comes alive in the summer and there have been picnics and parks, parties and pools, theatre and cinema outdoors in the sunshine, long dinners with close friends and even a carefully planned and perfectly executed heist!

Can I offer you a slice of lemon drizzle cake? It's a recipe I stole from my Dad, but I think he got it out of one of my cookbooks!  I love lemon drizzle, and that slightly crunchy glaze on top. I baked it for the Sherlockathon; it was so lovely to have a house full of friends!  The man is away with work and I miss him, so it was nice to have company.  And a further excuse to cook.  I'm fizzing over with other ideas to host gatherings and get togethers, especially as we head into autumn.

A real highlight this month has been reconnecting with my camera through my #500snapsofsummer project.  While it looks like I may have to extend the deadline to get all 500 taken, I don't mind that as according to the calendar, summer doesn't technically end until mid-September.  Still, it has become natural to take my camera everywhere and pull it out whenever I see something photoworthy.  I've got better at cutting out shots I don't like and only keeping the special ones, and I've been able to record loads of stories that are crying out to be scrapbooked. I will definitely be thinking up a new project for as soon as #500snapsofsummer is complete as I've found it so inspiring to have my camera always out and ready.  I think my next photography challenge should be people related, as my favourite photos are always the ones containing boyfriend, friends and family.

There's something about this combination of ingredients that says ice-cream-sundae to me.  Shall we make one?  I'll put the kettle on for another cuppa too.  I've got some honeycomb ice cream in the freezer, and it will go beautifully with the cake and biscuits.  And perhaps a spot of lemon curd, and white chocolate chips.  Then dusted with crushed amaretti biscuits and glitter.

It was lovely to have tea with you, and I hope you'll call in again next month.  I'm a little nervous about starting my new job on Monday, but I'm also looking forward to so many new opportunities as well as a lot of fun things that are planned for September.  But more about that another time. All the best for the new academic year, and thanks for popping round! And do take another slice of cake with you for the road.

If you want to share a cup of virtual tea with other corners of the internet, head over to Abi at Creating Paper Dreams.  The tea posts were her lovely idea and you can find lots of bloggers to sit down and enjoy a cuppa with.

Kisses xxx

P.S. And all that baking has given me another 13 photos to add to the #500snapsofsummer
total, which now stands at 330 taken and 170 left to go.


  1. The ginger snaps look divine.

  2. There is so much I love here. The beautiful photography, the food, your genuine happiness for a wonderful holiday! Good good luck for the start of term. My household of teachers are getting ready too. It will be busy but good!

  3. I start a new teaching job in a few days too, good luck to us both. Your photos are so beautifully lit and look so professional, I wish I could get mine to look more like them. And thank you for a lovely cuppa and cake, lemon drizzle is my fave.

  4. It looks so pretty! Whenever I see Lemon Drizzle now, I think of that line in "Plebs"..have you seen it?

  5. After that sundae which had ALL my favourite things in it, I don't think I want to go home! Do I really have to wait another month for second helpings? The holidays seems to have gone by in a flash for me, and I'm already sulking about going back in for CPD day on Monday - just as the weather is forecast to get better again. At the risk of sounding like a Year 10 girl - it's just SO unfair!

  6. Ginger. Lemon. Anything with those ingredients gets a thumbs up from me! If they get bored after 6 weeks, they'd go potty if they had to endure the two and a half months my son has been off school? I really miss the UK school holiday set up, Even coming into the second year I'm finding the US school system hard to deal with. Good luck with the new position.

  7. It all looks and sounds absolutely wonderful....such wonderful photos.

  8. that looks yummy, far too tempting!

  9. oh my goodness, these photos make me so hungry! Would you be so kind as to share your recipes? I'd love to make the cookies and the cake!
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)