Sunday, 10 August 2014

wedding photography: part 2

And it's back to the second wedding photography post!  The wedding took place in Oxford where we all met (and indeed where the couple met as they both undertook their medical training), and Oxford is a dreamy background to photograph against!  The stonework is beautifully honey-coloured and even though the day was great, the colours still seemed to pop.  Having said that, Connie's incredible dress would look fantastic anywhere! We were able to able to walk from the ceremony back to Magdalen College for the reception.  This being where I went to university, and where I lived and studied for 4 years, I knew it well and didn't have to worry about finding my way around or hunting for nice locations.

Time for a few traditional wedding portraits then.  Apparently Connie didn't want all her wedding portraits to be arm's-length selfies with me in them (why???) so I did some properly.  During the ceremony, it was announced that I was the photographer by the officiator which made me feel very important and a bit nervous.  However, it meant I could move around freely and get good pictures during the ceremony without everyone wondering why a random guest felt it was acceptable to get up and wander around and poke her lens where it wasn't wanted.  So that would be a very important tip: establish yourself as the photographer and your life will be considerably easier.

I'm not going to share most of those portraits here but I will share a few of the fun ones!  It helped a lot that the newlyweds dug out the various members of their respective families as I didn't know them at all.  However, once the group was assembled, I was able to arrange then and instruct them in my best teacher voice.  And the authority of the camera seems to wash over people and they did exactly as asked.

I shot in manual the whole time, but there were times when I could set up a shot and frame and focus it, and then simply ask someone else to click the button so I could be in it. As with any event when you have a camera be it a wedding or just an evening at the pub, it's important to get into the picture sometimes!

One of the grooms many talents is singing, and the day was filled with the sound of perfectly blended a capella tunes from some serious choral harmony, to some cheerful, amusing songs.  And indeed the best man had written music for the ceremony, and the groom's family had composed a number which they sang for a couple in place of a speech. Personal touches like these made the day so incredible personal, and vastly entertaining.

I think confetti pictures are my favourites of all to take; there's so much colour and movement and the spontaneous laughter of all the guests and the happy couple made getting photos easy. The lovely Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams recently shared a post about her experiences of photographing a party.  You can check it out here; she has some brilliant tips!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Another 11 photos means the total is now 210 with a mere 290 to go before #500snapsofsummer is complete. 42% complete!


  1. These are truly wonderful. Just look at the smiles on their faces in that second shot. Happiness well captured by your camera. Congrats to them (and to you)!

  2. Just glorious ... You have some cracking shots here. And what a handsome (and talented) pair of friends you have :).

  3. Gorgeous photos (and dress!!!) - The backdrop is to die for!

  4. These are such gorgeous photos. I have loved reading both of these posts and especially liked your comment on the last one about giving the couple all the photos. How lovely that they can then take their pic. You did a fab job!

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