Wednesday, 26 November 2014

miami beach, baby

Hot, hot, hot: a supercharged 29 degrees even as the UK was getting it's winter coat on. This town has the rich and infamous to spare, beaches and tans, and a startling number of artificial islands. A boat tour showed us the skyline, the luxury waterfront houses and expensive yachts; the afternoon was given to the sand and sea while planes trailing banners advertising the hottest clubs soared above; the evening found us working our way through assorted cocktails at an outdoor table, watching the crowds shop late into the night as neon signs flared with commercial promise.

It could only be Miami Beach

Kisses xxx

P.S. It doesn't seem right in November somehow, does it?


  1. Oh, Miami.... [the finger pointing photo in this post has won, hands down, for being the campest of them all!

  2. Did you stay at the Anglers in Miami Beach? That shot of the pool looks familiar!