Monday, 8 December 2014

a feast to warm your insides: 8th december

I am not a great cook.  But I can cheerfully follow a recipe and I do enjoy cooking, so it's neither here nor there really.  I particularly like to cook hearty dishes that you can make in a big pot, or in the oven and let the flavours develop and do their thing.  It should come as no surprise therefore that I very much enjoy making curry.  I like the ethos of leaving spices to marinate overnight, of getting your dish on to cook in the morning and visiting it during the day to add an extra ingredient or two.

In winter, it's lovely to knock up a feast for the nearest and dearest, and I indulged in  lovely chance to spend a Sunday quietly cooking away, and made a curry, pilau rice, naan and chutney all from scratch.  It was lovely, and relaxing as the cooking happens slowly and the kitchen becomes wonderfully aromatic.

Best of all is having a wonderful friend to share it with, and an evening spent with tasty, warming food, hands wrapped around mugs of tea, candles merrily dancing and ever such a lot to talk about.

Kisses xxx

P.S. My naan skills are not quite up to scratch.  I suppose I'm just going to have to have another curry night soon. Plus there are so many different curries from so many cultures around the world, it would almost be rude not to sample them all.


  1. ...but you must share the recipe, dear lady....

  2. I love curry so much, need to find some delicious recipe <3

  3. Looks great, am lucky to have married a great cook... it was one of the things that attracted me!

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