Sunday, 7 December 2014

christmas window shopping: 7th december

I like Christmas shopping.  But let me clarify that statement a little bit.  I try and pick up my Christmas presents long before Christmas. Trying to make thoughtful gift choices when surrounded by irate crowds of shoppers is not my idea of fun, so I tend to pick up bits and pieces throughout the year as I see them and squirrel them away for later.  Then when December rolls around, I can enjoy Christmas shopping.  To me, Christmas shopping is wandering without a destination in mind, casual and relaxed, hands wrapped snuggly around a hot cup of tea, and enjoying the decorations, the window displays, the hustle and bustle and the festive atmosphere. 

And I can enjoy it, because I'm all finished, and I don't need to take part in the madness.  On my perfect day out in November (you can read about my morning here) I had two or three small items to pick up to complete my list.  The afternoon was mine to enjoy, and with my shopping complete, my camera and I took in a few of the festive sights.

No day in London would be complete without a matinee in the West End.  Having picked up a cheap ticket to Made in Dagenham in the morning, I was more than happy to settle into my seat and take in the performance.  And I LOVED it!  I would highly recommend this show; it was witty, the songs were good and catchy and I was completely engrossed in the characters.  The set was also incredible; it has to be seen to be believed.

My Perfect Day concluded with my piling tired but content onto my sofa with blankets, take-away pizza and a Richard Curtis film.  They are somehow ever-so-cosy in the winter, and I elected to watch About Time which I hadn't see since it was in the cinema.  It's still great!

Kisses xxx

P.S. You might think that Love Actually would have been a better choice, given that it's a Christmas film which takes places largely in London. But I'm going to go and see that in the cinema later this month, and so don't want to watch it before then!


  1. Your pictures are lovely! I always want to shop early but never quite manage to do it. But I mainly do my shopping from a computer screen so it all evens out I suppose :)

  2. Love your post.....beautiful photos.....lovely recommendations.....and Richard Curtis mentions.....LUCKY YOU you can go and see L.A. IN THE CINEMA!!!! Am v. envious!!!!

  3. Sounds like my idea of christmas shopping as well.

  4. Your daytime shots of the Christmas lights are brilliant. I might borrow that idea this week and pair them with my night time ones from last Friday.

  5. Christmas shopping definitely is more about the wandering and pretty lights watching that present buying for me. In France most big cities have what we call Xmas Markets in December which is the cutest thing ever (also, hot wine), I'm going there next weekend, very excited!