Friday, 19 December 2014

photobooth funtimes: 19th december

I love photobooth pictures, and when I discovered that Rough Trade (an independent record shop in Shore Ditch) had one, I added it to my list of Things to Do Before I'm 30. Last weekend, we were in the hood to catch the Lego exhibition, and so I dragged the man along to come and help me tick another goal off the list.  The photobooth itself is a proper one, in that it does 4 different shots, and then we loitered outside for our little black-and-white portraits to emerge.


Kisses xxx

P.S. I'm quite tempted to list photobooths around the world and see how many I can visit.  I also want to bring my friends here and build myself a little collection of snaps.


  1. OMG...the only thing that went through my mind as I read this was, 'OMG, Rough Trade is still in business?' very cool. the photos! So lovely!

  2. I love photo booths. We had one at our winter ball and it was so much fun. They supplied props so you can imagine the hilarity!

  3. Aw u live photo booths, I wish they still did more of them about. I have so many photos from them, I used to catch the bus into town with my friends and we would always have a go in the photo booth! :)