Wednesday, 24 December 2014

sunset at Christmas: 24th december

At the weekend, the man and I headed down to the south coast to spend the weekend with his parents.  It was a little nerve-wracking as I'd never met his family before, but as soon as we arrived my nerves disappeared: everyone was wonderfully friendly and welcoming, and I loved getting to know them. We watched films, played games on the Wii (I suck at everything apart from wakeboarding at which I am bizarrely talented) and had a lovely, cosy weekend. Plus I also traded pictures with his Mum: I got to see some of him when he was younger (long hair and a motorbike!) and was able to share my photographs from our holiday in October as she hadn't seen any.

As I'd never see that part of the coast before, we went for a drive to see the boats out on the water, the ponies in the New Forest and we even had dinner on a ferry moored in the harbour!  One evening heading back to the house the sky put on the most beautiful display as the sun set, and his parents kindly stopped and waited while I took a few photos.

It was very cold and crisp, and the sky was incredibly dramatic. We had a good giggle setting up some self-timed shots and trying to balance on the posts before the timer ran out.  Not always successfully.  Especially when he brandished seaweed at me! 

To me the idea of Christmas at the coast seems very strange; I'm usually between London and Yorkshire, so I loved seeing a different landscape in the festive season. It was beautiful.

Kisses xxx

P.S. As we are both with our respective families for Christmas, the man and I are going to have our own Christmas day a couple of days later back in London.  So this year I get to have two Christmasses!


  1. Enjoy your two Christmasses!

  2. Ooh two Christmasses... with baileys?

    Happy new year, look forward to seeing your photography and 2015 projects :)

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