Thursday, 11 December 2014

winterville: 11th december

At the weekend, I larked around with some friends having a lovely old Christmas Shindig (you can read about the afternoon which I blogged here) and Saturday evening took us to Winterville.  Winterville is the East End's answer to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, and is a large collection of funfair rides, ice skating, marquees hosting bars and food stalls.  I'm going to confess up front that while Winterville is free, most of the attractions aren't, and ultimately I think Winter Wonderland is better as there is simply more to look at. But we had a nice if somewhat chilly time pottering around, I took some swirly photos of moving lights, and danced the Time Warp as on of the rides was blaring out the music.

The nip in the air made the steam rising from the cups of passers-by impossible to resist, and we found a large tent that was flogging not only mulled cider, but a lovely concoction called Apples and Roots. Apples and Roots turned out to be a combination of mulled cider and ginger beer, and most importantly it warmed me right down to my toes. Yum!

After a bust day tramping around, I summoned the gang to my flat and made copious macaroni cheese for all because it's my favourite and it's proper winter comfort food.  I also made numerous cups of tea as the weekend had been somewhat lacking on that front.  Despite this clearly obvious flaw, which will be fed back to next year's planning committee, it was a brilliant day, I love spending time with friends when it's festive, 

Kisses xxx

P.S. I am completing Journal Your Christmas through my blog this year as I didn't think I'd be able to fit in regular scrapping.  And so far, I love doing this!  I thought blogging my Christmas might seem a little soulless compared to crafting, but I've got more photos and memories this year than I ever have before, and I love the thought that I can come back to them when I get chance and all the words and pictures will be waiting.

P.P.S. My aim is to blog something every day this month, so fingers crossed!

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