Wednesday, 17 December 2014

with every Christmas card I write: 17th december

We broke up from school unusually early this year, and it is absolutely wonderful to have some lovely quiet mornings at home to play Christmas music, have a relaxing cup of tea and enjoy the festivities.  I enjoyed sitting down to write my Christmas cards and send them winging around the country.  And I even caught a paper snowflake in my teacup!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Thank goodness for Facebook when it comes to looking up names of spouses and partners and spellings of names for Christmas cards!

P.P.S Although if you always call the lady that leads Brownies Brown Owl, then it's still hard to find her on Facebook.

P.P.P.S. Seriously, I call her Brown Owl even outside Guides. #awkwardinaChristmascard


  1. LOL about Brown Owl! Loved seeing your photos of the stamps (made me v. homesick!)....

  2. Lol I still see the odd child from my old brownie pack and they say hi eagle owl.

  3. lol about Brown Owl, but we have Snowdrop. Bluebell, Tulip, Foxy, Dragonfly and I'm Captain Pernod at Guides, still we've been a team for 20 years so know each others partners/children and grandkids!
    I love reading your blog keep it up.
    Happy Christmas,
    aka Captain Pernod