Monday, 5 January 2015

reflections and resolutions

Happy New Year!  I'm a few days behind, but as today was the official back-to-school day, this somehow feels more like the start of a new year than 1st January does.  I've had fun looking back through my photos from 2014 which record some wonderful moments, and these are some of my favourites. 

I found it hard to pick a few pictures for this post: I felt like I could spend this year blogging my favourite photos from 2014... But ultimately that seems counter-productive. On the plus side, it makes me feel ever more motivated towards photography!

So in summary, 2014 has been the year of trying a bigger range of crafts, from paper piecing patchwork pillow cases, to stitching a giant map onto canvas.  Which is still a work in progress.

2014 is also the year of the pointing-at-nothing selfie.

I learned to knit lace, and discovered I loved it, as well as completing one of the goals on my list of Things To Do Before I'm 30. 

In 2014 I attended the weddings of two of my closest friends; I was honoured to be asked to be the photographer at the first, and a bridesmaid at the second.

2014 was the year of the Grand Holiday, where the man and I threw caution to the winds and spent two glorious weeks exploring the Caribbean.  

2014 was also the year that my wonderful family treated me to Afternoon Tea at the Ritz.

It's been a year of adventures with friends in London, the year of the camera-on-the-ground angle, and the year of coming back to scrapbook the results at home.  2014 is clearly the year I realise that hand-cut titles are the best, tiny pegs go with everything, and that white backgrounds make things pop.

2014 was the year of strengthening new friendships, spending time together and being inspired to volunteer more with Girlguiding.

And while I know I have blogged this photo more than once before, I think it's quite possibly my favourite of the year. (But I can't claim to have taken it!)

Now it's time to look forward into the new year! And I have plans for this little blog. I've got a new scrapbooking class in the works, some craft projects to both work on and share and with any luck, I will collect photos galore from London and from some of the travelling I plan on doing in 2015.

I also think I've shifted the focus of this blog somewhat; I can't legitimately call this a purely scrapbooking blog.  It's not been a conscious decision, but I  have started to really enjoy sharing more photography, more of London, and more of other crafty exploits outside scrapbooking.  And by writing about and photographing a wider range of things, I can post more regularly, as well as documenting my memories more coherently.  In many ways, perhaps my blog has become my scrapbook for when life is full and busy and I haven’t quite got time to grab some pretty paper and scissors.

The New Year is also a time for resolutions. I do love to set goals, make lists and tick things off, but given I’m still working on my list of Things to Do Before I’m 30, that is my priority.  However, I do have 3 ambitions for 2015:

A little one: 
Lose the last 5 pounds. It’s been almost 2 years since I set out to be a bit healthier and lose weight. Four stone later, I’m almost there. Actually, given that I ate A LOT over Christmas, it’s now slightly more than 5 pounds.  But with any luck, this will be done by half term.

A regular one:
 I've set myself a photography goal for the year. I’m going to explain this in more detail another time, and share my progress in monthly updates, but I find that my love for photography just keeps growing, and having a specific project is very motivating, so I’m feeling pretty inspired to keep getting my camera out.

A big one: 
More than anything, I would like to live with the man.  Which is unfortunately easier said than done due to red tape and the many terms and conditions that come with our current respective flat situations. (Long story, it’s been a longer discussion and we still don’t know the answer!). However, on the bright side we should be in a position to start looking for our first house to buy together by the end of the year. One of the biggest adventures yet!

Time to welcome the new year then: here we go with 2015!

Kisses xxx

P.S. I'm on the look-out for a good list-making app.  Does anyone use one that they would recommend? If it has a way for me to tick things off with a satisfying flourish, so much the better! 


  1. Wonderful to see such happy, sparkling photos and to read your exciting news! Wishing you lots of joy in 2015.

  2. Great news about the 'buying a house with the man' (I'm 'eek-ing' - virtually - for you!)....can't wait to see your scrapping course and more of piccies of London (vicarious living at its finest....!) your shoes in the photo at the side of your 'Tea at the Ritz family one)...

  3. Hi Kirsty. I love reading your blog - having moved to Sydney from the London/Essex area many, many years ago (!) I really enjoy your posts about my favourite city in the world :)

    I can highly recommend the iPhone app Checklist Wrangler for list making. You can create templates, set them to create lists on particular dates, or just random lists. And you can definitely tick off your items with a flourish! And best of all, it's free.

    Happy New Year, and good luck with your home-combining project.

  4. PS My son did your gingerbread house problem and would love to know the answers to see if he got them right (he's just finished first year Mechanical Engineering at university). I think he also feels a bit diddled that he didn't get any gingerbread house to eat - but that's my fault, not yours haha! I'm actually impressed that he was motivated enough to do it!

  5. I've loved the evolution of your blog (you've inspired me to see more of London and to photograph more of it too) but it would be great to get the scrapbooking back (which is why I came here originally). The class sounds interesting - good luck with that and your plans for 2015.

  6. I sincerely hope that your ambitions come to fruition!xx

  7. I really like the turn your blog took last year, being crafts obsessed as well I'm always inspired checking your blog!
    goals wise, you should check out Wunderlist. It's a to-do list app/website/software. free and awesome

  8. Fab goals Kirsty, I can't wait to see what your secret projects for 2015 are! Happy new year! :)

  9. There's such joy in this post! I'm wishing you a wonderful 2015! (And I really hope I bump into you in town one day ...)

  10. Your resolutions sound great Kirsty and I'd love a new class to do. I love that picture of you two dancing as well, you just look so flippin happy, like the girl who the cream lol.
    Jo xxx