Monday, 16 March 2015

gardens by the bay

While in Singapore over half term (which now seems like ever such a long time ago!) we took part in a treasure hunt in the Gardens by the Bay.  The gardens are truly lovely: enormous, spacious, sprawling and absolutely free.  They make a striking contrast the the bustle of the Central Business District, but they retain their futuristic touch and still seem an integral part of the city.

The treasure hunt proved to be a great way to explore the gardens, as each clue took us to a new section. Our goal was to save the world, naturally, and we were pretty confident in our ability to do so. I've seen loads of films where people save the world all the time, so I thought I was probably pretty well qualified.  We proceeded pretty quickly through the early clues due to our vast collective intellect. To put this in context, I am the moron of the group who doesn't have a PhD. However, pride comes before a fall and we actually got the last clue wrong, and had to re-think.

In case you were worried, it's OK, we made it, and saved the world.  

One particularly striking feature of the gardens is the pair of bio-domes that arch up over the horizon.  One houses a forest environment - we didn't have time to visit here, alas, but it's on my list for next time! - and the other is a controlled, air-conditioned, dry environment perfect for flowers. We had tickets to enter the Flower Dome as part of the treasure hunt, and it's safe to say we lingered here for quite some time.  

The treasure hunt was a brilliant way to get to know another aspect of Singapore.  The more I saw, the more impressed I was.  And the afternoon and evening we spent in the Gardens by the bay was quite possible my favourite part of the whole trip.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Wait until I tell you about the Supertrees!


  1. Love this post - the gardens are spectacular!

  2. These are stunning. Sounds like fun and I had a good giggle about the PHD's!

  3. I am so in love with all the beautiful plants you saw and of course those yellow sheep/goats were brilliant. I do love a good flower display and I still havent gone to the Eden Project.
    Jo xxx

  4. The treasure hunt proved to be a great way to explore the gardens, as each clue took us to a new section. Proflowers Coupon

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