Monday, 9 March 2015

the view from the shard

The man and I celebrated our two year anniversary at the end of January.  We didn’t really do anything last year as he was away travelling with work, and it sort of passed us by.  Therefore this year, we made plans!

We met at a favourite pub on the South Bank and watched the river slide by with our hands wrapped around mulled wine.  And then we had tea and cake too, because if a pub offers you tea and cake, you take it.

Afterwards we strolled along by the Thames towards the Shard, London’s newest and most iconic pointy building.  Upon arrival, we were put through airport-style security, deemed acceptable and took the two lifts up to the viewing platform.

It’s safe to say that the view from the Shard is spectacular.  Genuinely impressive from all directions, you get a bird’s-eye view of all of London town spread out before you, disappearing into the horizon.  We could see each meandering bend in the Thames, watch toy trains slip along tiny tracks, see boats leaving little trails in the river and spot St Paul’s and the London Eye in amazing detail.

Plus he’d arranged some champagne as a little surprise extra!

We’d booked to during sunset so we could see the view change from day to night.  And while the daytime was impressive, it was the night view that I really loved as we watched the city twinkle below us. 

Once you've got your ticket, you can remain at the top of the Shard for as long as you like, so we could enjoy the sunset and make the most of the view from all directions.  However, as evening drew on we departed for dinner.  We treated ourselves to a fancy meal out at a can-I-pull-out-your-chair-for-you-madam, I’ll-send-the-sommelier-over-shortly sort of place. Skylon was lovely and had a bit of pomp and circumstance without being intimidating and stuffy.  Plus the food was So. Amazingly. Yummy. The lemon dessert came with biscuits: who doesn't want biscuits with their pudding?

We had three courses and a glass of fizz as part of a deal, and we lingered with a glass of wine and tea and coffee and chocolate after the meal.  It was a truly wonderful, warm-glow evening, and so nice to do something special in celebration of 2 wonderful years.

Kisses xxx

P.S. There is however some friendly dispute over whether we should count our anniversary from our first date (which this was), or from becoming an official boyfriend-and-girlfriend couple.  Deciding to have 2 anniversaries seemed like an agreeable compromise!


  1. Congratulations to you and The Man! I quite fancy the Shard at dusk, now that I've seen your fabulous photos. It's much better value for money over the London Eye, in my opinion.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your photos made me so homesick! I cried!

  3. The views look amazing! Congrats! I'd count it from the first date personally.