Tuesday, 7 April 2015

handwritten, handcut: a scrapbook page

Back in January, I started a scrapbook page. It was a scrapbook page to celebrate the man and my second anniversary together.  Well, it might be 3 months later, but I have finally found the time to sit down and work on it.  My goodness, I love to scrapbook! 

The main element of this design is the hand cut title, which is a technique I really love using lately. Hand-cutting my own letters can certainly be time consuming, but I love the effect of the title being in my own handwriting, I never run out of letters in a pack of stickers, and it's a very inexpensive way to add longer titles to a page. I think it completely personalises the design.

I put together my title in two sections: one to go above the photo, and one below.  I sketched out a few possibilities in pencil until I was happy, and then went over it in thick, black marker pen.  I did all this on scrap paper, as this was just a template, and will not end up on the final page.  Using a template means that you can make as many mistakes and changes as you need, and you can see in the photo above that I even altered my 'final' version in black pen! 

It's useful at this stage to make sure that there are enough joins between words. I moved around the word "we're" several times so that it was attached to "when" and "together" securely.  Without this, the final title can become very flimsy and difficult to work with,

Once I was happy with the template, I cut it out using the edges of the black marker as a guide.  I didn't cut out every single little chink however; to save time at this stage, I left the middles of letters in place, as I can sketch those into the final design without needing a template. It also helps to make the template a little more sturdy.

I wanted my title to be in white cardstock, so I flipped the template upside down, stuck it to the back of the cardstock using washi tape, and traced round it. I always make sure I do titles in reverse, as then my pencil lines will be on the back, and I don't need to worry about getting stray marks or lines on the front of my title.  It's also good idea to tape the template in place, as that will stop it slipping around, but the washi tape is still easy to peal off when the tracing is complete.  Once I'd drawn around the template, I added in the extra lines I needed, such as drawing in where the middles of the e's and o's should go.

The final step is simply to cut out the title!  There's no denying that this is what takes the time, but in my opinion the delicate, lacy effect is more than worth it. So make a cup of tea, put something charming in the DVD player, and snip away!  I did this over a couple of evenings as I was in no hurry, and I find it quite therapeutic.

And it's done!  I trimmed off a couple of the hearts from my original title design to fit with the page better, but I'm delighted with the results. And actually, the title is such a feature of the design that it didn't take long at all to create the rest of the layout.

Finally, the journalling. I'm not normally a fan of hidden journalling.  I like to see my writing on the page, and be able to read it.  However, at the same time, this was quite personal writing, and I didn't want it completely on display.  I came up with this idea to give me the best of both worlds. My journalling is just visible behind the photo, safely sealed in a vellum envelope.  From the front, it looks like it's stuck in there permanently.  But if I turn to the back of the page, it's quite easy to slip the paper out of the envelope!

I cut a slit in the back of the envelope before I attached it to the page, and a similar slot that lined up with it on the background. You can't see the opening from the front of the page, but it means I have secret access to the writing when I want it.

I feels good to be scrapbooking again.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I love this driftwood-coloured background paper, it makes such a beautiful neutral.  Please may I have lots and use it forever?


  1. Just gorgeous! I really will have a go at this - many thanks for the excellent, detailed tutorial!
    Belately, happy anniversary to you both. Carole

  2. So lovely to see a LO from you again - and it's a corker! Will give the hand lettered/cut title idea a go, I think: seems like the perfect mindful/stress-beating exercise for a quiet afternoon!

  3. Everything about this page is fantastic! Such a lot of work to create that title but the results are so worth the effort - I hope to give this a try sometime. Thanks for sharing. Your layouts are always inspiring!

  4. You always come up with such lovely pages Kirsty but I know I would never have the patience to cut out such an intricate title the way you have .I am lazy you see but I am bamboozled by your wonderful ability to do so
    Jo xxx

  5. Those lacy words had me swooning. I love handwritten titles. I cheat and use my graphics tablet and it goes directly into photoshop. I can imagine cutting out would be very peaceful though. Also, your handwriting is beautiful.

  6. Wow! Amazing work! I love the background and this color combination! Of course the title is the star in this page! ♥

  7. Oh wow! What patience - and a steady hand- you must have! Lovely page.

  8. That takes real dedication with the scissors - and what a super focal point it makes.

  9. I love your handwritten titles! you inspired me to make several for my own pages. I might do it again:)

  10. This is awesome. I really enjoy intricate cutting - it is therapeutic but I've never thoughtof cutttiung my handwriting like this

  11. Gorgeous page Kirsty, I love the hidden journaling element :)

  12. You have the cleverest journaling ideas. I just love it! Also: the hand-cut title is beautiful!

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