Thursday, 30 April 2015

tea potter on tour: brighton

The lovely Laura and I are both fans of the genial beverage, and so it was clearly time to take the Tea Potter on tour to the seaside.  For the uninitiated, a tea potter is an annual tradition I began one year for my birthday.  Think pub crawl but instead of pubs, it's tea shops, and instead of beer, it's tea and cake.

We've only explored London venues so far, but the Easter holidays seemed like a good time to head to the coast and explore the many tea shops of Brighton.  We had a lovely day pottering round, absorbing the tea and cake, wearing weather-inappropriate dresses and playing photo shoots.

Kisses xxx

P.S. The next tea potter is scheduled for May - camera at the ready!


  1. How can you eat all these delicious things and be so thin?))

  2. Such a fun trip and I would love to know where your friend's dress came from. It's beautiful
    Jo xx

  3. Loved Brighton when we went last year. Saw more bars than tea shops though! That coffee and walnut cake looks delicious!