Monday 6 July 2015

high tea of highgate

It's lovely to indulge in a spot of tea and cake, and during May, I spent a lovely morning whiling away the hours with friends at High Tea of Highgate.  Safe to say I will be going again for three reasons: 1) They have a wide-ranging selection of delicious tea, 2) They have delicious cake, and 3) It is pretty and a lovely place to take pictures.

I'm always drawn in by the mismatched vintage china look, and no matter how many places serve their tea this way, it's always extremely attractive.  We sat in the window and watched the world go by and nattered away, and it was lovely to have a little sprig of blooms nodding along.

I had a very tasty slice of carrot cake, and enjoyed no less than 3 pots of tea ranging from Russian Caravan to a flavoured, summery Earl Grey through to a delectable, marzipan-inflected, almond tea.  I'm all about the black tea served with milk, but their selection was huge and between us, we got to sample quite the number!  So if you're ever passing through this area of North London, I can highly recommend High Tea of Highgate.

Kisses xxx

P.S. It's finally summer!  Season of tea and cake and Pimm's and Guide camp and travelling and photography and blogging and every good thing!

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  1. Totally a place I would love to visit! Pretty photos :)