Monday 28 September 2015

back into scrapping

I haven't finished a scrapbook page since the spring.  The spring!  That seems like such a long time ago, and while I was away for the summer, and I've been busy with lots of lovely things, it has definitely been too long since I scrapbooked.  Now is the time to change that.
I have this weekend that very rare thing: a free Sunday.  And so I intend to challenge myself this weekend: I'm going to sit down and scrapbook.  My goal is to make 5 pages.  

If you are a speedy scrapper, you might think that very manageable.  If you're anything like me, you will think that that is an insane number of pages to make in a day.  I think it's insane, as I normally take a day just to work on one page.  But I love a good challenge, and so Sunday will find me with scissors and paper and pretty things with stories to tell and photos to celebrate.  I'm getting back into scrapping.
And I don't mind if I don't end up with 5 pages.  If I only end up with one, that's better than nothing.  But I am really, REALLY looking forward to it! Sorting through old pages reminded me how much I love a hand-cut title, tiny camera embellishments, white backgrounds, tiny layers... I have missed the pretty things.

And if you get the chance this weekend, I'd love to see what you're making, or sharing.  I'll need inspiration! However, in terms of planning I'm going to keep it minimal.  The only preparation I will do is to print my photos.  And clear off the table, obviously.
And I will make sure that I have plenty to watch in the DVD line (I like to be entertained while I scrap) and will intersperse this with the odd Youtube and Class videos from Shimelle and Wilna.  LOVE them.

Finally, I'm going to embrace the day, get back into a hobby I love, indulge in the time to pursue it, eat an embarassing number of snack items, and I will try and blog and Instagram mini updates. 
Kisses xxx
P.S. Do let me know if you're scrapping or crafting this weekend.  I always like to have company!


  1. sort of want to join you, I haven't scrapbooked in like a year!! My desk is a hot mess, there are knitting projects everywhere and stuff to do but my scissors are calling me!!

    1. You can do it! The patterned paper commands you :D

  2. I hope it went well! Looking forward to see what you made 😊

  3. It's so nice to know that not everyone can make a page less than in an hour, it usually takes me at least an evening. And tea and something to watch is definitely a good company, though it can make the process longer. I love your hand cut titles too))