Monday 2 November 2015


The Monument in London is, conveniently, a monument to remind folk of the disaster that was the Great Fire of London.  It's a few hundred steps up a spiral staircase inside a large column, and its height is the same as its distance from the location where the fire started.  Once it would have stood out as a key part of London's skyline, but the city has grown around it and rather than a bird's eye view, you can look across to the modern skyscrapers that crowd the Thames.

That is not to diminish the views: they are terrific! Entry to the Monument is a steal at only £4, and that includes a certificate on your way out to prove you've climbed it!  The certificate is a nice memento as it has a history of the building printed on it.

The Monument has a viewing platform that wraps around the top to give you the best views in every direction.  There's wire over the top of the platform, which is why there are mysterious shapes over my photos, but it doesn't impede the view, and I kind of like the urban look that my pictures have taken on!  

So many of the buildings in the city are sleek and shiny, reflecting the dazzling blue of the sky, and the clouds seem to drift over them.  Looking south, the Monument affords lovely views of the Shard.

It was blustery at the top!  But with one hand very firmly clutching my skirt, I explored further.  We could see the distinctive dome of St Paul's Cathedral which appears to be plagued that the cranes that constantly dominate the skyline as London continues to grow outwards and upwards.

Plus a cheeky shot of everyone's favourite vegetable-inspired building: the Gherkin.

Completing a full circle of the Monument, we had a clear sight line down the Thames to Tower Bridge, the river busy with traffic as usual.

No trip to a London landmark would be complete without the obligatory selfie. Camera balanced on the little shelf, I waited for the tourists to clear, set the timer and ran to assume my pose.

I think he did this on purpose :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Half term is over and back to school!  But on the plus side, now that's it's November, we can legitimately begin discussing Christmas!  November is a lovely month to start preparing in.  I enjoy a gradual lead up and by the time December rolls around, I'll be all ready and sorted, and can really throw myself into the festive season!